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the condition of being wedged in firmly.
bony impaction a dental impaction in which the blockage consists of both bone and soft tissue.
dental impaction the blocking of a tooth by a physical barrier, such as a neighboring tooth, so that it cannot erupt; see also impacted tooth.
Impaction of the third molar. From Dorland's, 2000.
fecal impaction see fecal impaction.
soft tissue impaction a dental impaction in which the blockage consists of soft tissue only.
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The process or condition of being impacted.
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The process or condition of being impacted.
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1. The condition of being forced into and retained in any part of the body.
2. The situation in which the ends of a fractured bone are firmly driven into each other so that movement at the fracture site does not occur.
3. Retention of an unerupted tooth in the jaw by obstruction by another tooth, especially a molar, so that its normal appearance is prevented.
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A condition in which earwax has become tightly packed in the outer ear to the point that the external ear canal is blocked.
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The process or condition of being impacted.
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Now the question arises whether it is non- shedding primary teeth that led to impaction of succedaneous teeth or is it failure of eruption of succedaneous teeth or lack of eruptive forces that led to retainment of primary teeth, is open to debate.
Impacted maxillary canine is considered 2nd most impaction after third molars.9,10 MIC is rare clinical situation in orthodontics and is reported to be in the range of less than twice to 20 times less than maxillary canine impaction.11-13 The etiology of MIC include both genetic and environment factors.12 MIC can labially or lingually displaced and some times transmigrated.
Stress associated with introduction into a new environment, the absence of pasture or grass in the paddocks where the geese were introduced, inadequate availability of food, and clearly visible sand in the paddocks may have been predisposing factors for the development of sand ingestion and impaction in this goose.
Otherwise these should be avoided, as impaction to bezoar (concretions) formation will result, especially in the incontinent patient.
The maxillary canine is the last tooth to erupt with a primary predecessor so it is susceptible to environmental influences that may affect its eruption leading to its impaction.
In the age group of 31-35 years, the results from Graphs 5 and 6 show the horizontal and distoangular third molar impactions (67%) which more frequently cause an effect on adjacent second molar which results in decay while the vertical third molar impactions (33%) show the least effect on adjacent second molar.
Another study by Ahmad et al15 concluded that the prevalence of impacted teeth was high, and there was a predominant for impaction of the mandibular third molars in this study of Al Ahsa Saudi population.
Moreover, the visibility of fish bones varies with respect to different fish species, its anatomic location of impaction and orientation within the upper aerodigestive tract.7 Plain radiograph has poor sensitivity and specificity.
(18) Ultrasound and positive contrast fluoroscopy can help further characterize gastrointestinal abnormalities and differentiate between gastric impactions with partial or complete obstruction.
An immediate upper intestinoscopy was undertaken in order to exclude esophageal impaction and two button batteries were removed from the stomach of the patient.
The following are recommendations for the management of ingested for foreign bodies and food impactions (9):
A foreign body impaction (FBI) in the esophagus can be a serious condition with high mortality rate among children and adults.