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the condition of being wedged in firmly.
bony impaction a dental impaction in which the blockage consists of both bone and soft tissue.
dental impaction the blocking of a tooth by a physical barrier, such as a neighboring tooth, so that it cannot erupt; see also impacted tooth.
Impaction of the third molar. From Dorland's, 2000.
fecal impaction see fecal impaction.
soft tissue impaction a dental impaction in which the blockage consists of soft tissue only.
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The process or condition of being impacted.
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The process or condition of being impacted.
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1. The condition of being forced into and retained in any part of the body.
2. The situation in which the ends of a fractured bone are firmly driven into each other so that movement at the fracture site does not occur.
3. Retention of an unerupted tooth in the jaw by obstruction by another tooth, especially a molar, so that its normal appearance is prevented.
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A condition in which earwax has become tightly packed in the outer ear to the point that the external ear canal is blocked.
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The process or condition of being impacted.
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Children presenting with food bolus impaction usually have an underlying pathology (e.g, a stricture) directly responsible for the impaction4.
In contrast to present study, Nwity and Choudhary (1995) reported decreased Hb and PCV in rumen impaction of cattle.
Although, it is possible to find the impacted fish bones under direct vision, X-rays are used to identify the exact location of impaction. X-ray poorly visualises fish bone in soft tissue and the anatomical position of fish bone foreign within the aerodigestive tract renders it difficult to visualise it on the X-ray or during direct examination.8
Food was withheld before sedation the next day because of the gastric impaction. One day after presentation, the eagle was anesthetized with isoflurane in a protocol similar to that used for the kestrel, intubated, and positioned in sternal recumbency for gastric lavage.
These are not symptoms of cerumen impaction and need further evaluation.
The term stercoral colitis refers to a condition that mainly depends on the presence of fecal impaction material in colonic lumen associated with inflammation and distention of the affected colon segment.
Impaction side (right or left), localization (buccal, central, or palatal), and root resorption levels in lateral teeth variables related to follicle size were evaluated on the CBCT images.
After the start of treatment significant improvement was observed in appetite, food refusal, and food impaction, but she still had episodes of abdominal pain which was accompanied with fever lasting 3 days every 3-4 months.
There have been case reports which have shown various techniques in dealing with blood clot impaction in the ETT [2].
When a stone is too big to be removed via the papillary orifice, some models permit mechanical lithotripsy, and rescue mechanical lithotripters are available for impaction. This has a success rate of 79% to 92% [5-8].