impact resistance

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im·pact re·sis·tance

the ability of a lens for eyewear to withstand impact, that is, of a 3/8-inch steel ball dropped 50 ft, without shattering or breaking; criteria for determination of impact resistance are specified by U.S. regulations.
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The high impact resistance and strength as well as the relevant ISO 10993 certificates (cytotoxicity, skin sensitisation and intracutaneous reactivity) make Tritan MXF 121 a suitable grade for applications such as housings for small hand held medical devices and diagnostic equipment.
The new material fulfills the specifications of various car makers for the low-temperature impact resistance of plastics in exposed engine oil pans.
A Study on the Impact Resistance of Plastic Underbody Parts," SAE Int.
These materials must show impact resistance, chemical resistance, and moldability, as well as reduced thickness.
The produced nanocomposite has higher impact resistance than the similar samples.
Researchers have developed several different methods to improve the impact resistance of coatings while retaining the beneficial properties.
The impact resistance can be amplified by increasing the proportions of polybutadiene in relation to styrene and also acrylonitrile, although this causes changes in other properties.
These top quality HQ slats come with a full guarantee of ten years as far as discolouration or impact resistance is concerned.
Turmeric Petiole (TP), Turmeric Stem (TS) of Tekurpeta turmeric and Cuddapha turmeric FRP composites irrespective of their width of the specimen the Impact resistance increases with increase in volume fraction of fiber Figure 5 & 6.
It has better stiffness than typically used PC/ABS, resists crazing, and has good tensile strength and impact resistance.
0J impact resistance Pass No holidays Impact resistance Results up to 10J achieved No holidays 24 hours at 75[degrees]C adhesion 1 1-3 28 days at 75[degrees]C adhesion 1 1-3 1.
This material, Buckmaster says, "sets up a secondary structure within the plastic itself and builds a nano-scale skeleton that stiffens the material without losing the impact resistance.