impact resistance

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im·pact re·sis·tance

the ability of a lens for eyewear to withstand impact, that is, of a 3/8-inch steel ball dropped 50 ft, without shattering or breaking; criteria for determination of impact resistance are specified by U.S. regulations.
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The high impact resistance and strength as well as the relevant ISO 10993 certificates (cytotoxicity, skin sensitisation and intracutaneous reactivity) make Tritan MXF 121 a suitable grade for applications such as housings for small hand held medical devices and diagnostic equipment.
The company also provides the well-known line of Hypro 100 percnet reactive liquid polymers (RLPs) to enhance toughening and impact resistance of thermoset systems that are often used in structural adhesives, high-performance composites and industrial maintenance coatings.
developed long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resins with improved impact resistance, including 10-20 wt% long fibers, 50-77 wt% ethylene-propylene copolymer, 10-36 wt% thermoplastic elastomers, 0.05-7 wt% functional group-grafted modified polypropylene resin, and 0.5-5 wt% inorganic filler.
The produced nanocomposite has higher impact resistance than the similar samples.
Impact can be an important consideration in almost any coating application, but for applications such as fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings for water, gas, and oil pipelines, impact resistance is critical.
"It is made up of an innovative system of state-of-the-art glass, frames and separators which give it a high degree of fire resistance and a high impact resistance.
Paraloid EXL-3600 series MBS tougheners for engineering resins give superior low-temperature impact resistance. EXL-3611 is a reactive toughener for nylon.
The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness.
Also the professionals of TUV Nord confirm the impact resistance character of the Starline HQ slats.
Weighing 11 pounds, the case measures 39x15x6 inches and features plush lined EPS inserts for maximum impact resistance and new water-jet cut polyethylene foam arrow system, which can hold a dozen arrows.