impact resistance

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im·pact re·sis·tance

the ability of a lens for eyewear to withstand impact, that is, of a 3/8-inch steel ball dropped 50 ft, without shattering or breaking; criteria for determination of impact resistance are specified by U.S. regulations.
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TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers used nanoparticles and epoxy resin simultaneously to increase impact resistance of a type of polymer that is commonly used in various industries.
Mark on the impact resistance of the U-75 content zerenslabyh rocks in the rubble must be no more than 5% by weight, the brand of frost resistance F 50, the total effective specific activity of natural radionuclides Aeff up to 740 Bq; Crushed track fractions 25-60 GOST 7392-2002.
Certain coating chemistries have excellent engineering properties and resistance to solvents and chemicals, but contain deficiencies in other areas--such as drying speed for two-part waterborne polyurethane coatings or impact resistance with certain unmodified epoxies.
Today polystyrene still commands 10 percent of the thermoplastics market despite some limiting properties, such as modest impact resistance, poor solvent resistance, yellowing on exposure to sunlight and burning readily with copious smoke.
Patent 8,652,623 (February 18,2014), "Coextruded Films with Low Temperature Impact Resistance," Heinz Pudleiner, Robert Maleika, Birgit Meyer Zu Berstenhorst, Frank Bucket and Klaus Meyer (Bayer MaterialScience AG.
Designed to provide the impact resistance necessary for today's demanding building and construction formulations, DurastrengthR 350 acrylic impact modifier is said to provide outstanding impact properties over a wide processing window for rigid vinyl products.
The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness.
Fitted with the highest tech polarized lenses available with ultra-lightweight performance & extreme impact resistance.
Also the professionals of TUV Nord confirm the impact resistance character of the Starline HQ slats.
7 mm to analyze the effect of specimen width on impact resistance [14].
One grade, Hostaform S 9364, reportedly offers 50% greater impact resistance and 100% better weld-line elongation than previous versions in automotive windshield-wiper systems, safety systems, fasteners, and conveyor belts.
By improving impact resistance, abrasion and gouge resistance and flexibility.