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1. The forcible striking of one body against another.
2. To press two bodies, parts, or fragments closely together so that the two parts move as a single unit.
[L. impingo, pp. -pactus, to strike at (in + pango), fasten, drive in]
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IMPACT. An acronym for various clinical trials.
(1) Integrilin™ to manage platelet aggregation to prevent coronary thrombosis.
(2) International mexiletine or placebo antiarrhythmic coronary trial.

Interdisciplinary Maternal Perinatal Australasian Clinical Trials.
International Multiple sclerosis secondary Progressive Avonex™ Controlled Trial.
Pulmonology Inhaled Steroids in Managed Care: Pulmicort Turbuhaler/Azmacort Cost-Effectiveness Trial.

The effect or influence that a change (e.g., polity in healthcare) has on its environment—e.g., the recipients of said services.
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Cardiology A clinical trial
1. Integrilin to Manage Platelet Aggregation to Prevent Coronary Thrombosis.
2. International Mexiletine or Placebo Antiarrhythmic Coronary Trial Public health Initiatives to Mobilize for the Prevention and Control of Tobacco use A CDC-sponsored anti-tobacco initiative. See Smoking cessation, Tobacco control.
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(impakt, im-pakt)
1. The forcible striking of something against another.
2. To press two bodies, parts, or fragments closely together.
[L. impingo, pp. -pactus, to strike at (in + pango), fasten, drive in]
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A. the only physical impact i know is an addiction that can occur when doing it way too much. doing it releases chemicals in our brain in the pleasure areas. you can easily get addicted to it.

Q. This is mostly for people who have ADHD/ ADD or know someone with it. How is it impacted your life? If you have ADHD/ADD, what type of an impact has it had on the people who are close to you? If you know someone with ADHD/ADD, how have they made an impact on your life?

A. ADD can be a little hard to live with especially if it's not being treated. Having ADD makes it hard to stay focused on one thing for a long period of time. I have to make sure that I pack plenty to do when i go to school or else i would never make it through the whole day in a good mood. It isn't all bad though, I'm really good a multi-tasking. I can be working on six different things at once and get them done in a timely manner, whereas if i was just working on one thing it would most likely take me the whole day to finish it. Hope this helps.

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The increasing importance of Impact Factor is evident from the fact that many publishers and Editors who fail to get indexed by Web of Sciences feel proud to decorate the title of their journals with various fake Impact Factors.
Therefore, in order to validate the reasonableness of pier model in LS-DYNA, the numerical model was developed by authors to compare the midspan deformation and impact force time histories of the impacted beam with the published data of the drop hammer impact test on RC beam [18].
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A large pit and partial rupture appear on the impact zone.
Figure 3 shows a comparison of the property profile of the new Super High Impact Blend 1 versus a commercially available high impact modified acetal homopolymer and also versus a high impact modified polyamide 6,6.
* Saving: pounds 137,000 * Impact: Major reputational risk and failure to deliver on BBC's public purposes.
Blendix 415 impact modifier formulated for clear PVC applications has good impact performance, low stress-whitening characteristics and chemical resistance.
(3) This study utilized the IMPLAN[R] model because the tax impact details and output category details produced by the model were closely aligned to the data requirements of this study.
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