immunoreactive insulin

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im·mu·no·re·ac·tive in·su·lin

that portion of insulin in blood measured by immunochemical methods for the hormone; presumed to represent the free (unbound) and biologically active fraction of total blood insulin.
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Plasma immunoreactive insulin (IRI) level was measured by radioimmunoassay (Shionogi, Tokyo, Japan).
Multiple-adjusted odds ratios of hypertension for tertiles of IAFA were 2.64 (95% confidence interval, 1.35-5.16) for tertile 2, and 5.08 (2.48-10.39) for tertile 3, compared with tertile 1 after adjusting for age, fasting immunoreactive insulin, diabetes status, ASFA, alcohol consumption, regular physical exercise and smoking habit.
Synthesis of immunoreactive insulin in vitro by aplastic mammary carcinoma preconditioned in diabetic mice.
However, this analytical strategy permits the assessment of insulin lispro pharmacokinetics only in terms of total (insulin plus insulin lispro) "immunoreactive insulin".

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