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Denoting or exhibiting immunoreaction.
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The percentages of immunoreactive cells (Percentage score) was scored from 1 to 5.
The epithelial and myoepithelial cells were negatively immunostained by S100, and only the endothelial cells of vessels and blood were found to be immunoreactive. There was also a faint brown stain observed in the secretions within alveoli which are milk [Figure 2].
OCIAD2, ovarian carcinoma immunoreactive antigen-like protein 2; DCN, decorin; PF, primary hair follicle; SF, secondary hair follicle.
All 244 (100%) of the peritoneal mesotheliomas in this cohort were immunoreactive for calretinin.
Evaluation of the density of nerves within the muscular or mucosal layers was based on counting all the nerve fibres which were immunoreactive to SP, CGRP, and L-ENK per microscopic observation and was assessed under x40 objective (0.55 mm2) by subjective observation (two independent researchers).
The tumor cells are strongly immunoreactive for neuroendocrine markers synaptophysin (inset B, 400X).
Ki67 immunoreactive cells were few in number in the non-emphysematous areas of human lung, and also their immunoreactivities were weak (Figure 3).
The oxyntic gastric mucosa of RA patients presenting ABG had diffuse endocrine cell hyperplasia, and many of these cells were immunoreactive to ghrelin with a mean density of ghrelin-immunoreactive cells of 364.60 cell/[mm.sup.2] (Figure 2).
The diagnosis of neuropathologies has benefited greatly from IHC; however, there is a high degree of variability in immunoreactive patterns (KOESTNER & HIGGINS, 2002; RIVARD et al., 2016).
There was no malignancy or atypia and the cyst was lined by Mullerian type epithelium (WT-1, ER, PR, PAX-8 and CK-7 immunoreactive) (Figure 3).
The four molecular subtypes of HGS-OvCa are differentiated, immunoreactive, proliferative, and mesenchymal, according to gene content analysis within each subtype, following transcriptome-based subtype classification [17,18].

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