immunoperoxidase technique

im·mu·no·per·ox·i·dase tech·nique

an immunologic test that uses antibodies chemically conjugated to the enzyme peroxidase.
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Detection of inappropriate HMGI-C expression using the immunoperoxidase technique with anti-HMGI-C antibody may potentially be a useful marker for microscopic residual disease.
C4d by immunofluorescence or immunoperoxidase technique might be performed when morphologic, clinical, and/or serologic features suggestive of AMR are identified.
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Immunohistochemical (IHC) reaction was performed using an avidin biotin complex immunoperoxidase technique on paraffin sections.
San Francisco, CA, USA) employing strepta-vidin-biotin complex immunoperoxidase technique. The slides were incubated with rabbit anti calretinin antibodies which is a purified form of rabbit anti sera and diluted in phosphate buffered saline with PH 7.4 and 1% bovine serum albumin with 0.1% sodium azide were used as preservative.
Urethral metastasis from prostatic carcinoma as diagnosed by immunoperoxidase technique using prostate-specific antigen and prostate-specific acid phosphatase.
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They were fixed for 24h in Bouin's liquid for staining by the Grimelius technique (GRIMELIUS, 1968) and the direct immunoperoxidase technique (STERNBERGER, 1979), and in 10% buffered formalin for the modified Masson-Fontana technique (BARBOSA et al., 1984).
Using an immunoperoxidase technique, we showed the presence of APGW-amide in neuronal cells of the cerebral ganglia and nerve fibers.
Immunohistochemical staining was carried out using the avidin-biotin immunoperoxidase technique with the polyvalent immunoperoxidase kit (Omnitag, Lipshaw, MI, USA with DAB Chromogen) according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
In the immunoperoxidase technique, the following primary antibodies were used: 1) placental lactogen (polyclonal, dilution 1:200, NCL-PLP, Novocastra) to label cytoplasmic granules from the syncytial trophoblast; 2) Insuline-1 like growth factor (monoclonal, dilution 1:200, NCL-GHR, Novocastra).