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immunologic, immunological

emanating from or pertaining to immunology.

immunologic competence
immunologic domains
in cell receptor biology, the structure of receptors is conveniently considered in terms of three functional domains: transmembrane, ligand binding and immunological; the latter contain primary antigenic regions.
immunologic fertility control
antihormone immunization.
immunologic incompetence
immunologic injury
immunologic reactions
see immune response, immunity.
immunologic status
a reference to immunocompetence of a host.
immunologic tolerance
see immunological tolerance.
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These in vivo pre-clinical studies explored the ability of NBTXR3 to bring substantial immune cell infiltrations in colorectal cancer and breast cancer models, and convert immunologically "cold" tumors into "hot" tumors.
Introduction into an immunologically naive population was necessary but not sufficient for such explosive epidemic spread.
The fractions containing immunologically detected sLR11 were pooled, concentrated, and incubated overnight at room temperature with anti-LR11 MAb M3-Sepharose resin.
This strategy, known as antigenic shift, works well as a long-term survival tactic: immunologically, a new virus subtype starts from scratch and is guaranteed a very large population of susceptible hosts.
So something is going on immunologically, but no arthritis yet," said Dr.
4%), implying that a substantial proportion of such patients do not have true, immunologically mediated abacavir hypersensitivity.
conception prevention), as long as no pharmacologically or immunologically active substances are employed.
Rapid global travel could spread the disease quickly, and, unlike with the seasonal flu strains that come around every winter, our bodies are not immunologically familiar with this type of avian influenza--no one will have native defenses to ward off or minimize infection.
Given that these organisms are pathogenic to immunologically naive fetuses and neonates, and that they also can cause infection in women, it makes sense that they would show some pathogenic potential by being associated with elevated proinflammatory cytokines, she noted.
Although the study size was far too small to draw definitive conclusions, the results suggest CBT holds promise for treatment of post-CABG depression as well as for immune enhancement in this immunologically compromised population, she said.
It may be it's indeed more virulent and on top of it we have a very large, immunologically naive population.
1) Mucormycosis is a rapidly progressive infection that usually develops in patients who are metabolically or immunologically compromised.

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