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immunologic, immunological

emanating from or pertaining to immunology.

immunologic competence
immunologic domains
in cell receptor biology, the structure of receptors is conveniently considered in terms of three functional domains: transmembrane, ligand binding and immunological; the latter contain primary antigenic regions.
immunologic fertility control
antihormone immunization.
immunologic incompetence
immunologic injury
immunologic reactions
see immune response, immunity.
immunologic status
a reference to immunocompetence of a host.
immunologic tolerance
see immunological tolerance.
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Ironically, using an immunologically matched sibling tends to lower the expense associated with stem cell transplantation, but the fertility steps needed to produce a matched donor are not covered by most health insurance plans, Wagner says.
If we can get rid of those receptors and produce organs minus the genetic code for those receptors, we will have an immunologically neutral organ that can be universally transplanted.
The Company will deliver its presentation titled "Identification and characterization of immunogenic epitopes from CD133 and their potential for use to immunologically target cancer stem cells" on Sunday, April 1, 2012, from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm CST in McCormick Place West (Hall F), Poster Section 19.
In their study, the researchers identified a group of immunologically important sites on the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus that are also present in other influenza viruses that have been circulating for years.
The OPTN will now utilize a statistically calculated formula to identify immunologically "sensitized" candidates rather than relying solely on individual laboratory testing of candidate blood samples.
This seasonal aggregation mixes many species with high densities of immunologically naive juveniles alongside adult birds, which are unable to fly for up to 1 month while they molt; this setting is ideal for AIV transmission and redistribution.
The overall negative serologic findings of this research suggest that the flightless cormorant is an immunologically naive species, which may have a reduced capacity to cope with the introduction of novel pathogens.
These data suggest that PIH [pregnancy-induced hypertension] appears to occur more often in pregnancies following oocyte donation from immunologically unrelated donors.
18) This overactive local immune response depletes the systemic immune system, thus creating an immunologically compromised state.
There is interest also in the extent to which sensitization to food proteins can be induced by topical or inhalation exposure to the causative allergen or to an immunologically cross-reactive protein.
This is an interesting phenomenon that immunologically makes a lot of sense," comments immunologist Scott E.
Community doctors need] to understand what is going on immunologically and virologically when their patients decide to have a nonstructured interruption.

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