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(im?yu-nol'o-je) [? + Gr. logos, word, reason]
The study of the components of the immune system and their function.
See: immune systemimmunologic (im?yu-no-loj'ik), adjective

immunologic, immunological

emanating from or pertaining to immunology.

immunologic competence
immunologic domains
in cell receptor biology, the structure of receptors is conveniently considered in terms of three functional domains: transmembrane, ligand binding and immunological; the latter contain primary antigenic regions.
immunologic fertility control
antihormone immunization.
immunologic incompetence
immunologic injury
immunologic reactions
see immune response, immunity.
immunologic status
a reference to immunocompetence of a host.
immunologic tolerance
see immunological tolerance.
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Desensitization for less acute immunologic reactions to drugs such as trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole has been successfully performed over a period of several days to weeks.
Other non-EBV infections and immunologic reactions induce heterophile antibodies.
The use of VITOSS can help to reduce some of the disadvantages associated with the use of autograft or allograft, including donor site pain, increased operative time and morbidity linked to autograft harvest, and the possibility of disease transmission and immunologic reactions associated with the use of allograft.
VIRULIZIN has been found to contain no detectable components of high molecular weight which can cause harmful immunologic reactions.
Since these drugs reduce immunologic reactions and also the metabolism of rapidly dividing cells, overwhelming infection is the leading cause of death in transplant patients.