immunologic mechanism

im·mu·no·log·ic mech·a·nism

the groups of cells (chiefly lymphocytes and cells of the reticuloendothelial system) that function in establishing acquired immunity (induced sensitivity, allergy).
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Though the precise immunologic mechanism of cow's milk protein allergy is not completely understood, it is thought to be due to immaturity of both the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system (Sampson, 1997).
The proposed immunologic mechanism for the development of human diabetes after infant exposure to nonpharmacological amounts of bovine insulin could be extended to bovine growth hormone.
Anaphylaxis is caused by an immunologic mechanism which involves an IgE antibody that attaches to a mast cell or basophil and reacts with a certain allergen.
The immunopathogenesis of food allergies may be governed by more than one immunologic mechanism, including immediate manifestations mediated by IgE; inflammatory reactions caused by immune complexes, lectins, and superantigens; and delayed hypersensitivity reactions associated with specific T lymphocytes (Helm and Burks 2000).