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(im?yu-nol'o-je) [? + Gr. logos, word, reason]
The study of the components of the immune system and their function.
See: immune systemimmunologic (im?yu-no-loj'ik), adjective

immunologic, immunological

emanating from or pertaining to immunology.

immunologic competence
immunologic domains
in cell receptor biology, the structure of receptors is conveniently considered in terms of three functional domains: transmembrane, ligand binding and immunological; the latter contain primary antigenic regions.
immunologic fertility control
antihormone immunization.
immunologic incompetence
immunologic injury
immunologic reactions
see immune response, immunity.
immunologic status
a reference to immunocompetence of a host.
immunologic tolerance
see immunological tolerance.
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Klinipath, Immunologic and Mortupath are recognized nationally throughout The Netherlands and Belgium as trusted brands," stated Peter Schule, VWR's SVP and President, EMEA-APAC Lab and Distribution Services.
One of the most intriguing puzzles in modern immunology involves the "paradox of pregnancy," in which immunologic tolerance to paternally derived fetal antigens is achieved despite an apparently adequate maternal defense against infection.
American Society of Hematology guidelines on immunologic thrombocytopenia, last updated in 1996, state that thyroid function evaluation has "uncertain appropriateness" in adults with immunologic thrombocytopenia.
Persistent hematologic and immunologic disturbances in 8-year-old Dutch children associated with perinatal dioxin exposure.
Though antiretroviral therapy has enabled immunologic control of HIV and viral suppression, the use of HAART is associated with decreased HIV-specific immune responses, particularly in patients with chronic HIV infection.
Preface Part I: Definition and general mechanisms of atopic dermatitis Part II: Cellular Aspects Part III: Immunologic Triggers Part IV: Management Part V: Future Directions in Atopic Dermatitis
The company says Rapamune is the first and only kidney transplant drug with dosing recommendations specifically for the treatment of high immunologic risk renal transplant patients.
RAPAMUNE is the first and only kidney transplant therapeutic with dosing recommendations specifically for the treatment of high immunologic risk renal transplant recipients.
Damage caused by acute otitis media (AOM) has been implicated, and immunologic deficiency is a problem in some patients.
Certain influenza-positive samples are then forwarded to 1 of 4 WHO collaborating centers for further immunologic and genetic characterizations.
Now there is evidence of a new risk: a report in the August 2003 issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism suggests that the surface intensity of UV radiation may affect the clinical and immunologic expression of myositis, an autoimmune disease that causes chronic muscle inflammation and weakness and afflicts about 30,000 Americans.
Infection with HIV alters the immunologic landscape, most markedly noted in impaired quality and insufficient quantity of CD4 helper T cells, and dysregulated cytokine expression resulting from persistent antigen stimulation.