immunoglobulin domains

im·mu·no·glob·u·lin do·mains

structural units of immunoglobulin heavy or light chains that are composed of approximately 110 amino acids. Light chains of an immunoglobulin are composed of one constant domain and one variable domain. Heavy chains are composed of either three or four constant domains and one variable domain.
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The immunoglobulin domains are represented as blue ovals for receptors and red ovals for ligands.
The extracellular region of TIM-3 consists of a mucin domain and an immunoglobulin domain to which the known ligands of TIM-3 bond, that is, galectin-9 (Gal-9) and phosphatidylserine (Ps) [48, 49].
For example, several contigs (e.g., Paramphinome jeffreysii 1 and Hemithris psittacea 2) included immunoglobulin domains (Fig.
According to the first article, Titin, the largest protein in the human body, acts like a spring that stretches the muscle cell or slackens them and its spring region has certain protein units, the so-called immunoglobulin domains, which are strung like pearls on a string.
Under stress conditions, for example in acute heart failure, the spring region is excessively stretched and the immunoglobulin domains unfold.
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"Different combinations of immunoglobulin domains, which are coded by spliced exons, are used to produce a broad range of receptors.

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