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Lacking in some essential function of the immune system.
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Lacking in some essential function of the immune system.
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A condition in which the body's immune response is damaged, weakened, or is not functioning properly.
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Following the subcutaneous transplantation of both lines into the dorsal side of immunodeficient mice with [beta]-TCP, cell line 1-11 produced bone-like tissues including Sharpey's fiber-like tissues [61].
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Some studies investigated VDPVs in immunodeficient persons, which lead to identification of [approximately equal to]100 cases of infection with iVDPV worldwide to date (1,8).
For example, the cryopreserved bacteria must be transported and stored in liquid nitrogen, and the cost of purchasing the vaccine could also be high because of the cost of manufacturing -- the live vaccine must be cultured in an immunodeficient mouse.
Briefly, the testis tissue from 2-mo-old donor dogs (Border-Collie cross puppies) was grafted on the back skin of recipient immunodeficient nude castrated male mice (NCr, nu/ nu; Taconic, Germantown, NY, USA) at approximately 6 weeks of age.
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was recently performed a study that evaluate the effect of L-glutamyl L-boroproline (PT-630) on rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts (RASFs) and their invasive attitude in joint cartilage of healthy human and in a severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mouse (1).
The confirmation of CSC theory resulted from in vivo experiments where human tumor cells were xenotrans-planted into immunodeficient mice, and the subsequent tumor development was histologically analyzed using an in vitro "sphere-forming" assay.
[CD4.sup.+] T-cell counts were measured in 44/45 HIV-positive children: 22 were immunosuppressed, 4 mildly immunodeficient, 9 moderately immunodeficient and 9 severely immunodeficient.

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