immune thrombocytopenia

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im·mune throm·bo·cy·to·pe·ni·a

thrombocytopenia associated with antiplatelet antibodies. See: isoimmune neonatal thrombocytopenia.
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Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) is an acquired autoimmune, haematological disorder characterized by isolated thrombocytopenia (peripheral blood platelet count <100x109/ l) in the absence of other causative systemic disorders.1,2 The pathogenesis of ITP remains incompletely understood.
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Combining therapies (corticosteroids and IVIg) is appropriate for the emergency treatment of primary immune thrombocytopenia patients with uncontrolled bleeding and severe thrombocytopenia especially when an urgent increase in platelet count is required, e.g., before surgical procedures or with active central nervous system (CNS), gastrointestinal (GI), or genitourinary bleeding [13].
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Further information about this case is that immune thrombocytopenia can be related to localized amyloidosis with a predisposing factor.
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Therefore, these indices are effective in distinguishing infective and immune thrombocytopenia from other types and these findings are consistent with previous findings of Borkataky et al [15] where platelet indices [16] were found to be useful in the differential diagnosis of infective and immune thrombocytopenia from other causes.
Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is an acquired immune-mediated disease characterized by isolated thrombocytopenia, and is characterized by increased platelet destruction that is mediated by autoantibodies.