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Measurement of middle ear impedance and admittance in tympanometry. See: admittance, impedance.
See also: tympanometry.
[L. immitto, to send in]
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KEYWORDS: Auditory neuropathy, Pure-tone hearing threshold, Acoustic immittance, Auditory brainstem response, Vestibular function, Nervous system disease.
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A system measuring immittance variation, based on simultaneous measurement of two parameters of resistance increments in a four-terminal (4T) network, can be an example [9].
A more definitive study would test patients' hearing, including the attainment of extended high frequencies (beyond 8000 Hz), measurement of otoacoustic emissions, immittance testing, and speech testing, before (baseline testing) and after they started using the medication.
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U] denote the terminating admittance and characteristic admittance of immittance inverters; [g.
12]), which form the immittance inverters, define the adjacent coupling between the composite resonators.
Categories Investigated and their Corresponding Variables Areas of Evaluation Factors Investigation Pressure 2 free field or interior overpressure measurements 28 breacher overpressure measurements 2 gauges in the helmet, 2 gauges on the vest Head Yaw Orientation Pitch Roll Air Sampling Lead Copper Auditory Immittance Acoustic reflexes Thresholds Distortion product otoacoustic emissions Vestibular Dynamic visual acuity test Limits of stability Modified clinical test of sensory integration on balance Table 2.
In accordance with this theory, the immittance functions of complex frequency are fractional rational.
provide exercises and a concise review of important concepts relating to audiologic assessment and clinical audiometry techniques, including history taking and patient communication, ear canal assessment, immittance, pure-tone testing, masking, speech audiometry, and patient counseling.
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