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All children included in the study underwent previous screening procedures: (1) Inspection of the auditory canal; (2) Tonal threshold audiometry; (3) Logoaudiometry; (4) Acoustic immitance measurements.
* Audiologic testing included pure-tone audiometry, determination of speech reception and speech discrimination scores, and acoustic immitance testing.
A probe microphone similar to that used in acoustic immitance measures the inaudible sounds reflected by vibratory motion in cochlea.
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This can be clearly noticed by rewriting the equations, TE and TM immitance in symmetric and asymmetric forms:
have proposed an extension of the spectral domain immitance approach (SDIA) for layered multiple conductor shielded microstrip but it needs to be accelerated [6].
We therefore undertook this study to find out or investigate the type and pattern of audiogram in cleft lip and palate subjects attending a speech camp, the average degree of hearing loss and its relation to the side of cleft and to assess the acoustic immitance findings and compare its relation to the otological evaluation.
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However, RC structure can only approximate a fractional-order passive element in phase, magnitude and frequency range, making it a limited immitance [17]--[19].
The audiological tests were pure tone and speech audiometry, as well as acoustic immitance measurements.