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Because the lack of evidence supporting a process of fluid immiscibility, a change in pH, or the loss of [H.sub.2]S in the El Vapor district and because the microthermometric and spectroscopic analyses supports instead a fluid mixture and fluid reduction processes, we propose these mechanism as responsible for gold deposition from the hydrothermal solutions.
The critical temperature (Tc) for the immiscibility in the liquid is 1569 K in the present calculation as shown by the dotted line in Figure 5(b) which agrees with the 1500 [+ or -]70 K estimated by Klostermeier and Franck [66].
She explains how easy assumptions about the immiscibility of Western civilization and the "Islamic world" fail to account for the complicated, sometimes contradictory ideas of the varieties of U.S.
The chapters cover fluid-fluid interactions in the Earth's lithosphere and geothermal systems; experimental studies in model fluid systems; equations of state for complex fluids; liquid immiscibility in silicate melts and related systems; phase relations involving hydrous silicate melts, aqueous fluids, and minerals; numerical simulation of multiphase fluid flow in hydrothermal systems; phase separation processes in submarine hydrothermal systems; hydrocarbon basins; volcanic environments and metamorphic rocks; and interactions in magmatic-hydrothermal ore formation.
Rudin, "The Immiscibility of Poly(ethylene) and Poly(propylene): A Molecular Dynamics Study," Macromolecules 28, 8247-8250 (1995).
For binary systems Cu--V, Cu--Nb and Cu--Fe presence of areas of immiscibility and lamination (with the maximum, approximately, in equimolar area) is characteristic, and monotectic reaction, for example, in system Cu--V at temperature 1530 [degrees]C, and in system Cu--Nb at temperature 1550 [degrees]C [13].
When silicones and natural lipids are used together in an emulsion formulation (as in the previous example), the immiscibility of the two kinds of ingredients is less of an issue than in other types of formulations such as clear formulations or anhydrous sticks.
A two-liquid region (liquid immiscibility) was found.
The melt-phase hydrosilylation reaction is expected to be significantly affected by mixing because of the immiscibility of the silane and molten PP phases.
reported introduction of a new blend, marketed as FRIGC[R] FR42[TM], which is said to overcome problems with R-134a (oil immiscibility, higher condenser pressures) as a drop-in replacement for R42.
And Judaism has faced its own immiscibility in the task of peacemaking in Israel, where rabbis and religious folk have not seemed to play an adequate part in whatever reconciliation has been accomplished with the Palestinians.
Senkler notes, for example, that a controlled degree of immiscibility serves as the key force to determine the size of rubber domains and their placement in the thermoplastic matrix.