immersion objective

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1. perceptible by the external senses.
2. a clear, concise declarative statement that directs action toward a specific goal.
3. the lens or system of lenses of a microscope nearest the object that is being examined.
achromatic objective one in which the chromatic aberration is corrected for two colors and the spherical aberration for one color.
affective objective a statement of expectations regarding changes in attitude or feelings.
apochromatic objective one in which chromatic aberration is corrected for three colors and the spherical aberration for two colors.
behavioral objective a written statement identifying an action or pattern of actions to be expected after an intervention.
cognitive objective a statement of expectations regarding knowledge.
flat field objective a microscopic objective that provides an image in which all parts of the field are simultaneously in focus.
immersion objective one designed to have its tip and the coverglass over the specimen connected by a liquid instead of air.
psychomotor objective a statement of expectations regarding the acquisition of skills.
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im·mer·sion ob·jec·tive

a high power microscope objective used with a drop of oil between the lens and the specimen on the slide, allowing a greater numeric aperture; similar lenses are available for use with water as the immersing liquid.
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immersion objective

A microscope objective designed so that the space between the objective lens and the specimen is filled with oil or water.
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Speed, sensitivity and high resolution are achieved through the unique combination of automated water immersion objectives that deliver better quality image data, stable LED illumination, true confocal optics and a sensitive, high resolution sCMOS camera.
The silicone oil objectives have distinct advantages over both traditional oil and water immersion objectives for deep and long-term imaging.
The clot-bearing coverslips were then mounted on a microscope slide in a simple perfusion chamber that allowed exchange of the bathing buffer and microscopic examination with oil immersion objectives. The marine bacterium Vibrio alginolyticus, an opportunistic pathogen of Limulus, was grown in suspension culture and used in the log phase of culture growth.
Due to the cover glass bottom the use of high resolution immersion objectives with high numerical aperture is possible.