immersion bath

im·mer·sion bath

a therapeutic bath in which the person or a given body part is totally immersed in the therapeutic substance.
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Watts bath is typically used to electrodeposit nickel, but here it was used without applied current or voltage, that is, as an immersion bath for Ni and B doping.
Treatments on offer here include the Simple Immersion Bath, Jet Blitz, Vichy Shower and Hydromassage, with detox programmes ranging from single use to a personalised intensive 14-day course.
If that surface temperature can be maintained in an immersion bath at a temperature close to 75 deg C, there is no relevance in discussing cooling air (or liquid) to the "recommend inlet temperature" of the server.
from a small font, a full-size immersion bath or even a freshwater river or lake.
"The unique formulation of Delvocid L contains 10 per cent natamycin and can be applied in an immersion bath or spray suspension.
The unique formulation of Delvocid L contains 10% natamycin and can be applied in an immersion bath or spray suspension.
The immersion colouring device has been conceived to allow for the modification of the following: the immersion speed of the piece in the immersion bath, the immersion time, and the return speed.
It is clear that the dissolution of magnesium in the immersion bath without fluoride is high (Figure 6a).
> Extended dwell time (attempting to deposit more gold in an immersion bath) in an aggressive immersion gold bath (acidic pH <5.5, gold concentration below the recommended spec)
Four to five samples were tested for each material from each immersion bath at every test phase (a total of 135 samples were prepared for UCS testing).