immediate reaction

im·me·di·ate re·ac·tion

local or generalized response that begins within a few minutes to about an hour after exposure to an antigen to which the individual has been sensitized.
See also: skin test, wheal-and-erythema reaction.
Synonym(s): early reaction
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It wasn't clear when the cabinet would be replaced and there was no immediate reaction from the ruling party.
BRUSSELS, April 9 (KUNA) -- The European Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament Thursday expressed their solidarity to the journalists of the French TV5 Monde after today's attack by hackers claiming to belong to the ISIL and called on the EU governments to "urgently coordinate an immediate reaction against the ISIS cyber-terrorism.
Once entered, customers "spin" a virtual wheel that activates the video camera on their computer or mobile device, giving them the opportunity to record and capture their immediate reaction upon learning their code's worth.
There was an immediate reaction to the change, with London celebrating his first game in charge by rattling the Giants before falling to a 30-16 home defeat.
The Syrian government gave no immediate reaction to Mr Obama's announcement.
The dollar showed little immediate reaction to Japan's gross domestic product data for the January-March period released in the morning, which showed annualized real 3.
Experts say that the driver's immediate reaction prevented his bus from catching fire.
Declan Devine's men lost to Crusaders on penalties in Belfast on Saturday and need an immediate reaction.
Changing the colour of the kit and club emblem was never something I wanted and my immediate reaction was that I didn't like it.
MY immediate reaction to the news that Roy Hodgson has been lined up by the Football Association to become England manager was, thank God it's not Stuart Pearce
What a relief," was Webber's immediate reaction to the win.
An immediate reaction was a healthy rise in BAA's share price on the London stock market, giving the firm a value of approximately [pounds sterling] 4.

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