immediate reaction

im·me·di·ate re·ac·tion

local or generalized response that begins within a few minutes to about an hour after exposure to an antigen to which the individual has been sensitized.
See also: skin test, wheal-and-erythema reaction.
Synonym(s): early reaction
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The immediate reaction of butterfly swimmer Stephen Parry and heptathlete Kelly Sotherton was dissatisfaction at not winning silver, rather than satisfaction with claiming bronze.
United's chief executive Geoff Davey said yesterday: "Our immediate reaction is that we have a prior and stronger claim.
With no immediate reaction from the Taliban, Khogyani said civilians and security forces were not harmed during the operation.
When Gordon Brown gaffed by branding a pensioner worried about foreign workers a "bigot" in the neighbouring seat, Mr Woolas's immediate reaction was "why f*** me?".
JOHNNY MURTAGH'S immediate reaction following the defeat of Motivator in the CoralEclipse was to blame the fast ground and the trip.
SIR - On reading of Rhodri Morgan arriving too late to greet the Queen and then suggesting that Her Majesty had arrived early my immediate reaction was that of Victor Meldrew - 'I don't BELIEVE it!'.
In immediate reaction to the intervention, the dollar began to rebound shortly before 11 a.m.
She said: "His immediate reaction was to get to his daughter."
Zwak blamed the Taliban for planting the landmine, but there was no immediate reaction from the insurgent movement.
He said: "My immediate reaction. Barbaric and sick, sick, absolutely sick.
``Fantastic, fantastic,'' was Big Mac's immediate reaction to the result of the poll.
YOUR report (Daily Post, October 26) and comment by senior policemen quite rightly welcomes the very substantial reduction in national crime figures, but the immediate reaction from the public is one of disbelief.

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