immediate memory

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short-term memory

The capacity to recognise, recall and regurgitate small amounts of information (the 7 ±2 rule) shortly after its occurrence, which is divided into subsystems for verbal and visual information.
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immediate memory

Memory for events or information in the last few hours or days. Brain damage that limits one's ability to store new information may impair immediate memory but have no effect on memories of the distant past.
Synonym: short-term memory See: digit span test
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The results of episodic memory test were the following: the mean (sd) immediate memory score of the control group was 28.0 (5.2), and that of the insomnia group was 24.0 (6.0).
Test Mean (SD) Range Biber Cognitive Estimation Test (BCET) 14.67 (2.89) 9-20 Trail-Making Test TMT-A 64.50 (47.37) 18-247 TMT-B 190.03 (154.98) 41-300 TMT-B/A 2.94 (2.27) 0.42-21.74 TMT-B-A 125.53 (104.04) 14-287 Verbal fluency Phonemic fluency 23.38 (11.85) 0-55 Semantic fluency 14.29 (4.59) 0-30 MSET 2.21 (1.25) 0-4 RBANS Immediate memory 72.24 (20.72) 14-120 Visuospatial processing 83.74 (21.31) 50-121 Language 80.51 (14.94) 9-120 Attention 77.39 (18.64) 40-115 Delayed memory 71.78 (21.39) 21-122 Total scale score 71.52 (17.05) 40-115 Community integration scale 14.85 (4.72) 2-24 MPAI-T score 39.03 (12.52) 4-65 MSET = Modified Six Elements Test; RBANS = Repeatable Battery for Assessment of Neuropsychological Status; MPAI = Mayo Portland Adaptability Index.
Even in this case, gains in this ability are expected along children development as they manage, increasingly, to: (i) comprehend more elaborate verbal sentences; (ii) retain more content as their immediate memory improves; and (iii) organize them with their working memory (Carneiro, 2008; Dias & LandeiraFernandez, 2011).
In brief, absolute judgment is limited to seven individual inputs, and immediate memory is limited to seven groupings.
Information moves from immediate memory to a second short-term memory area called working memory, where we consciously analyze and perhaps reshape the information for possible longer term storage.
Digit span is a test of attention and immediate memory. The verbal fluency test is conducted by asking the participant to name words beginning with certain letters (either P, R, and W or C, F, and L) in an exactly timed 1-minute period; this tests speed of processing and information retrieval.
But the plain and simple facts are that the July floods washed away the immediate memory of just how bad this team are.
The researchers tested immediate memory and delayed recall, and also administered two other tests known as the Mini-Mental State Examination and the Symbol Digit Modalities Test.
This observation confirms the findings of Burnham and Clark (1955), who concluded that immediate memory for a hue is not much affected by specific training in color.
How to Teach So Students Remember offers seven steps to increase students' capacity to receive information in immediate memory, act on it in working memory, store it in long-term memory, and retrieve and manipulate it in unanticipated situations-that is, to use what they have learned when they need it.
In both cases, the brain functions were substantially improved; specifically, immediate memory and concentration in the normal elderly and immediate memory and short-term memory of those who have organic brain disorders.

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