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[″ + mediare, to be in middle]
Direct; without intervening steps.


direct, precipitating or primary; having no intermediate stage or mechanism, e.g. direct cause, immediate variant.

immediate-type hypersensitivity reaction
see immediate hypersensitivity.

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Q. what is this immediate hearing loss???? I woke up yesterday and didnt hear anything, only very high tones in my left ear. I also feel nausious and dizzy. please tell me someone has experienced it and it goes away in a few days!!! I'm very scared to loose my hearing forever, it's been 24 hours that I'm almost deaf. thank you

A. Acute hearing loss can be caused due to an infection of the middle ear or internal ear that can cause dizziness nausea fever and vomiting as well. You should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Q. Can you suggest an immediate solution for this, please? My niece is 22 years old. She was very excited about being a single mother. She was staying with her boyfriend when she announced that she was pregnant. About 5 weeks of pregnancy she had a fight with her boyfriend that ended up in him shoving her. She fell violently to the ground. She is complaining of spotting and cramps. I am worried if anything has gone wrong. Can you suggest an immediate solution for this, please?

A. I want to add, that the physical act of violence done to her and the unborn child might have been criminal assault. If she or the unborn child were harmed, she could file charges. There is no excuse for the boyfriend's irresponsible behavior. If she is in any danger from this guy doing this again, she could seek help at a shelter for battered women, or even better staying with someone in her family.

Q. I wish to know the alarming signs in pregnancy that require immediate attention. I am pregnant and in my 2 week. As a precautionary measure, I wish to know the alarming signs in pregnancy that require immediate attention.

A. here are some major ones- Vaginal Bleeding, Cramping (in the second and third trimester, in the first it's normal to have slight cramps), Severe Headaches (long lasting headaches are one of the early signs of preeclampsia), Blurred Vision (another sign of preeclampsia),cannot feel the baby move after about week 16 to 20 pregnancy.

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Muhammad Amin Yousfzai is transferred and posted with immediate effect and until further orders as DIGP Criminal Investigation Agency vice Saqib Ismail Memon transferred.
The placement of implants in fresh extraction sockets and immediate restoration are illustrated in detail.
extraction of the stump followed by either a fixed partial denture after the socket healing, or placement of implant and extraction of the stump and immediate placement of the implant and loading.
Immediate implants have become widely accepted despite controversial beginning and the available literature consistently cites high level of success (ranging from 94 to 100% on average).
David Stern, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Practice Velocity, has had a long relationship with the Physicians Immediate Care brand and has recently divested 100% of his ownership in all of the clinics operated under the brand.
3 : having importance now <Our immediate concern is getting help.
But he said he wouldn't put more than a third of somebody's retirement assets into an immediate annuity because of the irreversibility.
Fixed deferred annuity: Similar to an immediate annuity, a fixed deferred annuity provides specific benefits guaranteed by the underlying insurance company.
From a consumer standpoint, immediate annuities are clearly a postponable purchase.
Roy Wylie, NCTM, is MTNA's Southern Division immediate past president with degrees from Southern Methodist University, Manhattan School of Music and The University of Texas at Austin.
strengthen social and economic supports for all Ontarians with immediate action to improve welfare rates, build affordable housing, expand affordable child care programs and ensure decent public health care and education.
Consequently, bourgeois parents felt compelled to balance the demands for the immediate happiness of their children against the long-term interests of education, discipline, and cultural sophistication.