immature neutrophil

im·ma·ture neu·tro·phil

a young neutrophil; the term is usually used with reference to band (q.v.) or other "juvenile" neutrophils, which are neutrophilic granulocytes in which the nucleus is indented but not distinctly segmented.
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10 Abbreviations: ANC, absolute neutrophil count; CRP, C-reactive protein; I/T, immature neutrophil to total leukocytes count; TLC, total leukocytes count.
PBS were examined for nucleated red blood cells (N-RBC), total white cell count, total neutrophil count, immature neutrophil count (Including bands and stabs) and mature neutrophil count.
RBC morphology [greater than]2 + Immature neutrophil series
Some authors have calculated the I:T ratio taking into account all the immature neutrophils including band form and obtained the ratio with mature to total neutrophil count, many authors have calculated by taking only the band neutrophil: Total neutrophil ratio wherein only the band neutrophils were considered in the numerator of the ratio.
The presence of immature neutrophils in the bloodstream is therefore an indication that the body is responding to inflammation, infection, or another stimulus to the bone marrow.
The Alvarado scoring system is based on three symptoms (pain migration, nausea/ vomiting, and anorexia), three signs (tenderness in the right lower quadrant, rebound tenderness, and fever), and two laboratory findings (leukocytosis and an increase in immature neutrophils [> 75%]) [8].
In the DISCOVER trials, cSSTI was defined as cellulitis, wound infection, or major cutaneous abscess with an associated area of surface erythema measuring at least 75 cm2 accompanied by at least two other local signs of infection and at least one of the following systemic signs of infection: fever, leukocytosis, or increased immature neutrophils.
11); whereas in the fresh swim bladder group, there was mild inflammatory reaction with more immature neutrophils in the propria submucosa of the host without any union between the host and the graft.
However, distinct 'shift to left' was observed in immature neutrophils count (Band cells) during the periparturient period in buffaloes with PRD.
6), (7) The human cathelicidin, LL-37, is 37 amino acids in length and is produced constitutively by the epithelia of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and reproductive tracts, as well as by immature neutrophils, monocytes, mast cells, lymphocytes, eccrine and salivary glands.
3 kPa (32 mmHg), white blood cell count less than 4000 cells/mm3 or greater than 12,000 cells/mm3, and/or more than 10% immature neutrophils in the blood.
There was an increased number of immature neutrophils including all stages of neutrophil development except myeloblasts.