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unripe or not fully developed.
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(ĭm′ə-tyo͝or′, -cho͝or′, -to͝or′)
1. Not fully grown or developed: an immature plant.
2. Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity: silly, immature behavior.
An immature animal; a juvenile.

im′ma·ture′ly adv.
im′ma·tur′i·ty, im′ma·ture′ness n.
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Q. is there proven cure for premature ejaculation

A. great answer F3_4U. Glad to see you on the site. How are you?

Q. how control premature ejuculation

A. There are medications that can help it, but they're prescription drugs so you may consult your doctor. Apart from that,, since in most cases there's no underlying medical problem that cause the premature ejaculation, you may consider consulting a sex therapist or mental health professional.

Q. what medication can i take for fremature ejaculation is there a over the counter med?or do i need to see a dr.?

A. I think it is right that anti depressants work, the question is how efficient it is, do you need to take it regularly on not and what are the side effects...

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"Some people are immature in their life, they remain at the same level in which they were playing cricket.
For decades it has been thought that AML growth is driven by a sub-population of immature cancer cells called leukemia stem cells that lose their cancerous properties when they mature.
The chief executive of Standard Chartered (LSE: STAN) has opined that the revolt against pay for bankers is immature.
For example, one might consider a 41-year-old football manager who's unwilling to engage with difficult questions or constructive criticism "immature".
BeyondSpring reported new data from its clinical program for Plinabulin, which demonstrated a superior immune profile compared to Neulasta based on promyelocytes and immature neutrophil data from clinical study.
Injury to immature permanent teeth from trauma or dental caries can result in favourable healing.
Johor Barisan Nasional (BN) has pledged its commitment not to engage in immature and childish acts and treating the State Assembly like a 'circus'.
An incompletely formed apex (open apex) is one of the most common features seen in immature permanent teeth after dental trauma.
While risk management is increasingly seen as a high priority, risk management practices remain relatively immature. The survey found that 39% of respondents described the sophistication of their risk oversight practices as "immature" to "developing," while 17% characterized them as "mature" and only 5% considered them to be "robust," which represents a slight decline from previous years.
More specifically, we have investigated the influence that some children's verbalized immature explanations of ordinary phenomena (e.g., why clouds block the sun; why some mountain have big and small peaks) have on adults' and adolescents' perception of them.