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Of or relating to imines or an imine.
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1] se encuentra la vibracion de tension C=N, estableciendo asi la presencia del grupo imino y no del grupo carbonilo, porque de surgir este grupo la vibracion caracteristica apareceria sobre 1700 [cm.
The high melting point in this study might be associated with the high content of imino acids (Pro and Hyp) (Kasankala et al.
The first and key step was the formation of the corresponding N-benzyltetrahydroquinolines 5 via a "one pot" three-component cationic imino Diels-Alder cycloaddition from readily available N-benzylanilines, inexpensive formalin (37% formaldehyde in methanol), and a commercially available trans-anethole (and isoeugenol) in the presence of B[F.
J F Woessner, The determination of hydroxyproline in tissue and protein samples containing small proportions of this imino acid, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 93,440-446, (1961).
In the case where affinity of the prepared adsorbent turned out too low, we had a next plan to block the C-terminal free carboxyl groups by an imino compound.
Both proline and hydroxyproline stabilize the polyproline II extended conformation of each chain in the triple helix due to the stereo chemical restrictions of the imino acid
The ABCB1-dependent ATPase activity stimulated by nitensidine A was greatly reduced by substituting sulfur (S) or oxygen (0) for the imino nitrogen atom (N) in nitensidine A.
In early studies the selective reduction of only the imino group of compound 4-alkylidenamino-4H-124-triazole without affecting the rest part of the ring has been reported [9 14-16].
En efecto, el consenso sobre el modelo neoliberal fue derrumbado por una confluencia de eventos al final de la decada: la extension de la crisis financiera asiatica a las economias liberalizadas de America Latina, que desestabilizo los mercados financieros y produjo recesion e inflacion--estanflacion economicaa finales de la decada de 1990 y principios de la de 2000; la erupcion de las protestas masiva en contra de los gobiernos liberales, que derrocaron a presidentes en Argentina, Ecuador y Bolivia; y el inicio de un cambio politico sin precedentes hacia la izquierda, que c Imino con la eleccion de presidentes de centro o de izquierda en once paises diferentes, representando a dos tercios de la poblacion regional para el ano 2011.
Macrophage cytotoxicity: Role for 1-arginine deiminase and imino nitrogen oxidation to nitrite.
1-3) Fourier transform infrared studies have identified that in the early stages of the cure process, the intensity of the cyano and N=C=N bands decrease with an accompanying appearance of new bands assigned to the formation of an imino group by the intermolecular addition of hydroxyl to the DICY cyano functionality, and/or by the intramolecular nucleophilic substitution of hydroxyl at the imide functionality.