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The radical of imidazole.
Synonym(s): iminazolyl
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The chlorine atoms can be further replaced via nucleophilic substitution, using amino acid ester, imidazolyl, glyceryl, or glycosyl side groups that are also hydrolytically sensitive [5].
The main activated agarose matrices used Activation Linkage Available Specificity to agarose reactive group of group Cyanogen bromide Isourea Cyanate ester Amine (finally) Carbonyl- Carbamate Imidazolyl Amine diimidazole carbamate Epichloro-hydrin Ether Epoxy SH > [NH.sub.2] > OH Epoxy(bis) Vinyl sulphone Sulphonyl Vinyl sulphone SH > [NH.sub.2] > OH thioether Activation Bond type; stability of attachment Cyanogen bromide Isourea; moderately stable Carbonyl- Carbamate; good diimidazole stability below pH 10 Epichloro-hydrin Thioether, sec amine Epoxy(bis) ether; all very stable Vinyl sulphone Thioether, sec amine ether; good stability below pH 9
Telithromycin is produced through substitution at positions 11 and 12 of the erythronolide A ring with a butyl imidazolyl pyridinyl side chain.
Experimental Procedure for the Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Imidazolyl derivative of Santonic Acid (4)
Imidazolyl derivative of santonic acid 4 (1 mmol) was taken in hydrazine hydrate (2 ml) into a microwave vial (2-5 ml) and irradiated for 20 min with each pulse of 10 sec after keeping into the microwave cavity at a set temperature, pressure and power control.
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