imaging department

im·ag·ing de·part·ment

(im'ăj-ing dē-part'ment),
The diagnostic radiology department. See: imaging, radiology.
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Besides, it will feature 58 treatment areas for patients such as four high-acuity trauma rooms, a new designated area for PATH (Providing Access to Healing) patients, an expanded behavioral health unit, an imaging department, a separate urgent care space, as well as a designated area for quarantining and treating highly contagious patients.
First Texas Hospital, licensed by the state as a general hospital, includes 50 inpatient beds, three Operating Rooms, an emergency department and an imaging department equipped with the latest technologies.
It occupies around 8,000 sq ft and holds 14 consulting rooms, an endoscopy suite, imaging department (includes mammogram, ultrasound and X Ray), a host of one-stop specialist clinics and an expansive waiting area.
The project will develop a workflow management system for the imaging department at the agency and the outputs of the project will be identical to the standard specifications of global news agencies.
He impressed so much at the interview that he secured his first full time job as an imaging department assistant apprentice.
Dr Faisal bin Hamad Al Azri, head of Imaging Department, pointed out that echocardiography, which used to take almost half an hour, now takes just four minutes.
Faisal bin Hamad al-Azri, Head of Imaging Department pointed out that the echocardiography which used to take almost half an hour now takes only four minutes.
The diagnostic imaging department is equipped with MRI and CT scanners.
DAMMAM: The medical imaging department in collaboration with the academic affairs department and the office of international cooperation at King Fahd Specialist Hospital Dammam is organizing the second international conference in advances in tumor imaging in conjunction with transplant imaging.
Very successful business located in Northern Nevada which provides a full line of radiological imaging department sales and services.
The investment has proved worthwhile, with MANA's imaging department performing an average of 13 MRIs a day in 2010.
Mark Sykes, joined the hospital's diagnostic imaging department in 2006, and have guided it through new equipment purchases and upgrades, including outpatient MRIs.
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