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Relating to an image or to the process of imagining.
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Oiticica quer a intervencao fisica na obra e nao somente a intervencao imaginal separada da proposicao.
Effects of imaginal exposure to feared disasters in obsessive-compulsive checkers.
'imaginal' world, though not physically real, is as
Sara completed homework throughout: imaginal exposure, tactile exploration and progressive relaxation techniques.
Determination and differentiation is easy to observe during embryogenesis and larval imaginal disc development but not during metamorphosis, because the pupae are opaque, the larval tissue is undergoing histolysis and the developing imaginal tissue is fragile.
Connections between the imaginal areas of the brain and the verbal or language areas of the brain are the critical, functional process for comprehension.
"The artist uses the body as a kind of tropological platform from which to illuminate these issues in their own complexity and in the imaginal complexity of art, without falling into the prevailing literalness of socially critical art in her country.
At hatching, the larvae begin their growth which will be a little bit longer to reach the imaginal stage [30].
PE includes four essential elements: psychoeducation, in-vivo exposure, imaginal exposure, and in-session discussion following imaginal exposures to facilitate emotional processing and corrective learning (Foa et al.