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Relating to an image or to the process of imagining.
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In others, the imaginal, pedagogic narrative with its tacit challenges is given aesthetic strength by music, poetry and drama.
EMDR may be considered a special application of imaginal exposure, because it uses the repeated guided visual imagery of the traumatic memory; however, it has been considered unique because it involves the elicitation of rapid, saccadic eye movements during the imaginal exposure session and these movements are considered to be an important treatment element (Zoellner, Fitzgibbons & Foa, 2001).
Corbin describes the imaginal as a metaphysical necessity within the Islamic mystical tradition.
His skill at conveying this feeling seems unmatched by any other living American poet, such that parts of his poem exhibit a simultaneous lightness of touch and gravitational pull, where surrealistic follies vie with imaginal intensities.
Imaginal exposure involves repeated confrontation (in imagination) with the disastrous consequences the patient anticipates if the rituals are not performed (eg, a parent's children will contract a disease many years from now because of failure to protect them from harmful toxins).
The Skinnerian surrogate object presumably entails reinstatement of a significant portion of the seeing response pattern, a portion sufficient for "recognizing" that the imaginal seeing response is the same as, or similar to, the seeing response to the perceptual object.
viatrix la primera estructura en diferenciarse, y por ende el primer disco imaginal en iniciar la proliferacion celular, es el de las patas, seguido por los discos de ojos, alas, aparato bucal (mandibulas, maxilas, labio y palpos) y finalmente antenas y halterios.
Some of these details were imaginal and indecent, to say the least.
Cutting across Turner's personal fantasia of the library are his own stammering attempts at writing, at poetic utterance, which, no matter how diffident, attest to the enduring permeability of word and image in his imaginal processes.
The author began "to consider how to gain access to children's imaginal worlds, how to help bridge the gap between their now and the new worlds of the texts I wanted them to enter" (p.
We can speculate that because this in tervention does not involve intense imaginal exposure shortly after the event, as is the case during debriefing, this perhaps avoids a form of secondary traumatization," Ms.
It uses desensitization, imaginal flooding, repetitive review and Rogerian techniques for some of the treatment methods.