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Relating to an image or to the process of imagining.
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The Imaginal World is described as an intermediate reality situated midway between our physical corporeal existence and the intelligible energy of immaterial archetypes, and exhibiting features of both.
Treatment of sex offenders with imaginal desensitization and/or medroxyprogesterone acetate.
Para el, el imaginal denota una imaginacion metasicologica en la que experimentamos un mundo de imagenes caracteri zado por una exposicion sensible a un reino abstracto.
Is an imaginal lamp of which we have knowledge by similitude.
PE has 5 main components: (a) imaginal revisiting of traumatic memories; (b) recounting memories aloud and discussing the experience immediately (processing); (c) in vivo exposure to safe but trauma related situations that the client fears and avoids; (d) psychoeducation; and (e) training in slow breathing techniques (Sharpless & Barber, 2011).
This article explores the many ways in which the hypnotic trance state within the context of hypnotherapy, accesses the imaginal abilities of the mind just as reflected in the states of dreaming and active imagination.
2) He added that the dialogue of mystics "operates on a higher level" and is engaged with "the poetically ambiguous insights and the imaginal realities of spiritual perception within the heart.
physical location where childhood abuse occurred), known as in vivo exposure; and the memory of the traumatic experience, known as imaginal exposure (Foa et al.
Hence the importance of the prophetic vision and its creative imagination drawing on the imaginal realm as it calls to theomorphic reality.
In other words, while attempting to retrieve a high-concreteness word, people may be more apt to say they are in a TOT state because the imaginal code for that word is available, while the verbal code is not.
Imaginal exposure was used with targets involving the feared events, both in terms of missing something and contracting and spreading illness, and the client reported that this eventually reduced his discomfort with these thoughts; however, it continued to be a "struggle" for him.
sorcery is that imaginal formation of force and power that is to be expected in social circumstances that are disjunctive or in some sense discontinuous.