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[3] reported the evaluation of CT image-guided navigation of pedicle screws in small thoracic pedicles.
Luz et al., "Evaluation of an image-guided navigation system in the training of functional endoscopic sinus surgeons.
Pelvic fixation 'opportunity tunnels' are narrow and multiplanar images are necessary to avoid damage to vulnerable nearby neurovascular structures, such as the L5 and S1 nerve roost, cauda equina at the level of the first sacral vertebra, and the crossing of the femoral vein and artery superior to the superior pubic bone.[17] Pelvic ring injuries that are treated with iliosacral screws, using image-guided navigation, show 96% of well-placed screws in postoperative radiographs and CT scans,[18],[19] but a medical robotic system has not yet been established for percutaneous iliosacral screw placement.
He focuses mainly on methods for tracking surgical tools and how they can be used to assist the surgeon during the operation, exploring various notions associated with surgeon-computer interface and image-guided navigation with a range of experimental results.
On 26 July, just 6 days after the launch, 40 international neurosurgeons converged on the laboratory to conduct intensive training sessions that included the most advanced keyhole surgery, showcasing equipment ranging from ZAR1 million human dummies able to replicate human functions and disease symptoms to endoscopes, high-definition surgical microscopes, image-guided navigation equipment and surgery-enhancing computed tomography scanners.
Following embolization of tumor-feeding vessels, both patients underwent definitive treatment with the use of the Coblator II Surgery System (ArthroCare) equipped with an Evac Xtra Plasma Wand and facilitated by image-guided navigation.
Research and technology development is taking place in three main areas: surgery simulation, image-guided navigation and advanced robotic instrumentation.
The micro-miniaturized sensors in 3D Guidance Systems for Image-guided Navigation from Ascension Technology Corporation, (Burlington, Vt.) fit into the tip of medical instruments and provide non-radiating navigation to internal lesions, enabling surgeons to replace open surgeries with less invasive procedures.
Philips expects the global market for image-guided navigation to reach $600 million by 2015.
During surgery image-guided navigation provides improved surgical precision.
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