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In this study, no significant statistical differences were observed with different reconstruction algorithms for Aorta [SUV.sub.max] or BP [SUV.sub.mean] or [TBR.sub.max] using ANOVA tests on log transformed data; suggesting that image reconstruction did not heavily influence aorta structure uptake values in our cohort of patients without known vascular disease.
The Butterworth filter in the spatial domain can be recovered from its transfer function H([omega]) in the frequency domain by the inverse Fourier transform, which will be used for image reconstruction.
It is observed that adding one more imaged line degrades the quality of the image reconstruction results.
The parameters [P.sub.acqu] and [P.sub.reco] that have the most impact on image reconstruction speed include
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In [36], the L0-norm-based image reconstruction algorithm is proposed for 2D CT reconstruction.
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In computed tomography (CT), iterative image reconstruction (IIR) [1-4] gives better quality images compared with filtered back projection, which is a transform reconstruction method based directly on the Radon inversion formula.
Since the high level of scattering in a most biological tissue medium image reconstruction in DOT is suffering from ill-posed nonlinear problem [7, 19].