image reconstruction

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image reconstruction

An MRI term for the mathematical process of converting the composite signals obtained during the data acquisition phase into an image.
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(re?kon-struk'shon) [ re- + construction]
1. Surgical repair or restoration of a missing part or organ.
2. The manipulation of digitized information obtained during body imaging into interpretable pictures that represent anatomical details and diseases. Synonym: image reconstruction

dose reconstruction

An estimate of the total exposure of a person or population to the environmental release of a toxic substance, such as a pollutant or a sudden burst of radiation.

breast reconstruction

Plastic surgery to restore the appearance of the breast after mastectomy. It may rely upon techniques such as the use of breast implants or tissue flaps.

image reconstruction

Reconstruction (2).

reconstruction of the knee

Any procedure to reestablish stability of the knee after injury, usually to the anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments or to both.

neovaginal reconstruction

Construction of an artificial vagina after the vagina has been removed because of cancer or trauma of the pelvic area. The tissue used may be obtained from muscle and skin tissue from the abdomen. Normal sexual function is possible after the area has healed.

surgical ventricular reconstruction

Removal of sections of the heart that have been damaged during a heart attack and are no longer helping to push blood to the body through the aorta.

transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap reconstruction

See: transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap reconstruction
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The Butterworth filter in the spatial domain can be recovered from its transfer function H([omega]) in the frequency domain by the inverse Fourier transform, which will be used for image reconstruction.
It is observed that adding one more imaged line degrades the quality of the image reconstruction results.
The parameters [P.sub.acqu] and [P.sub.reco] that have the most impact on image reconstruction speed include
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