image intensifier

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a picture or concept with more or less likeness to an objective reality.
body image see body image.
digital image a depiction recorded electronically to allow viewing or transmission on a computer.
image distributor beam splitter.
disturbed body image a nursing diagnosis defined as confusion in the mental picture of one's personal self. See also body image.
fluoroscopic image a visual depiction on a fluoroscopy screen.
image intensifier a fluoroscope that is electronically enhanced to produce a brighter image; see also automatic brightness control, brightness gain, and vignetting.
latent image the invisible change in radiographic film that is caused by x-radiation or light and is made visible by development of the film.
magnification image direct radiographic enlargement requiring a fractional focus tube of 0.3 mm or less.
manifest image the change on an x-ray film that becomes visible when the latent image undergoes appropriate chemical processing.
mirror image
1. the image of light made visible by the reflecting surface of the cornea and lens when illuminated through the slit lamp.
2. an image with right and left relations reversed, as in the reflection of an object in a mirror.
motor image the organized cerebral model of the possible movements of the body.
phantom image an artifact seen in conventional linear tomography.

im·age am·pli·fi·er

a device for converting a low light level fluoroscopic image to one that can be seen by the eye in a lighted environment; usually consists of an electronic light amplifier chained to a television tube.
Synonym(s): image intensifier

image intensifier

an electronic device used to produce a fluoroscopic image with a low-radiation exposure. A beam of x-rays passing through the patient is converted into a pattern of electrons in a vacuum tube. The electrons are accelerated and concentrated onto a small fluorescent screen, where they present a bright image, which is generally displayed on a video monitor.

image intensifier

A device used in radiology by means of which weak X-ray images obtained by low dosage radiation may be converted into television images and improved in brightness and contrast by purely electronic means. This allows continuous X-ray sceening for various procedures, such as the insertion of arterial catheters, without exposing the patient to unacceptably large doses of radiation.
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Its modular design permits the operator easily to transfer the ITT Generation 3 PINNACLE image intensifier to other camera platforms, including Canon SLRs, Canon XL-2 Video cameras and fixed lens camcorders.
A lack of consistent names for various movements of the image intensifier and ambiguity in commands often leads to confusion between the radiographer and the operator.
Two distinguishing differences of oblique-view configurations are based on placement of the tube and the image intensifier within the system:
Pre-operative Planningt (1,2): As image intensifier is not available, the pre-op planning determines the outcome of the surgery to a large extent.
And if the retaining ring loosens completely, the image intensifier won't work at all.
In principle, a generation-three image intensifier is quite simple.
While the Army has led in image intensifier development and fielding, fixed-wing aviators in the Air Force and Navy also are starting to enjoy the benefits of night vision goggles.
This new display will provide users with night vision resolution which rivals the current image intensifier tube," stated Michael Presz, Kopin's Vice President of Government Programs and Special Projects.
The average cost of an NVD image intensifier tube is $2,500.
5m, allows it to compete for deliveries of the AN/AVS-6 aviator night vision goggle and spare aviation image intensifiers during a five year period.
The helmet has an illuminator, global positioning system and radio antenna suite, image intensifier and infrared imaging device that will send the information into an adjustable head-up display.
Coupled with an auto-gated unfilmed advanced image intensifier it is in the hands of US Army Special Operations Aviators, and sporting the advanced Gen III intensifier it was chosen by two unnamed Nato member countries.

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