image fusion

im·age fu·sion

(imăj fyūzhŭn)
Combining images from different modalities such as positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging with computed tomography images.
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The RAZER Phone utilizes an 8MP front facing camera and dual 12MP rear facing cameras with image fusion.
While recent advances in imaging technology and progresses in therapeutics offer the potential for precise and image-guided therapies (IGT) that will transform existing approaches like surgical planning, interventional technique and monitoring therapeutic response, a single-integrated IGT platform, will pave the way for multi-modality integration and image fusion to target specific therapies and cancer treatments.
For image fusion proprietary Smart Fusion software installed on the ultrasound unit was used.
There are many previous studies in field image merge and some of them were selected due to their proximity to the field of research work where the study was conducted from focuses on by an image fusion algorithm based on wavelet transform.
The two phones' lenses use a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor and a 12-megapixel RGB version in addition to the enhanced image fusion algorithms that work in concert to produce stunning photography.
Using these parameters, the multimodal image fusion module can capture visual and thermal images to fuse them together either fully or partially.
The proposed algorithm has been tested and compared with some other image fusion methods well known in the literature.
These solutions are supplemented by a number of subsystems for breast imaging reporting, messaging, business analytics, advanced image processing, nuclear imaging, peer review, critical results tracking, image fusion, and more.
Multimodality image fusion technology has become the main trend in the development of future imaging technology.
2monochromesensorand enhanced image fusion algorithms that work in concert to produce stunning photography.
The proposed fusion method was tested with three image sequences of TNO image fusion dataset [23]: "UN Camp," "Dune," and "Trees" (360 x 270, grayscale).
This edition incorporates recent developments like multislice CT, iterative reconstruction, detector updates, x-ray tube innovations, the use of graphics processing unit computing, medical image fusion, spectral imaging, SPECT/CT (single-photon emission tomography/computed tomography), radiation dose optimization, the use of bismuth shields, hardware and software developments, and a new scanner from Toshiba.