illusion of movement

il·lu·sion of move·ment

successive stimulation of neighboring retinal points which causes the sensation of movement.
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Ecru is a beautiful taupe-beige marble with abundant fine grey and almond veining creating the illusion of movement within the stone, ideal for use on both floors and walls, and for exterior paving.
Her method of work - an initial layer of sparsely coloured paint, then pigments that can change the colour of reflected light and finally waxed to unify the panel - help create an illusion of movement on the panels.
They don't just create the illusion of movement but are actually moving and changing.
Students will take this shape and alter the size of it or the spacing of the perimeter of it, working with patterns by laying the chopsticks together to create the illusion of movement.
He has taken inspiration from the geometric forms and motifs of the mosaics to develop the grids and patterns that create depth and the illusion of movement in his Op art paintings.
The post Our view: For Anastasiades it's all about the illusion of movement appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
As she looked at the painted winter scenery that was rolling past on a continuous canvas conveyor belt to give the illusion of movement, she piped up to me mam with a serious frown "I hope this tops soon cos it's going to be a long walk back to where we got on..."
Stop-motion animation (or "stop-frame," as Park calls it) creates the illusion of movement through a series of still images.
Expanding its ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) offering, it also brought in new designs such as Flow, a fixture family with a wavy band that gives the illusion of movement and encircles frames.
Here we see some kind of cage with green neon lights like horizontal bars flashing rhythmically on and off to create the illusion of movement. Standing in this box of light, one experienced a fascinating feeling of going up or down--a sort of full-body trompe l'oeil.