illusion of movement

il·lu·sion of move·ment

successive stimulation of neighboring retinal points which causes the sensation of movement.
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Stop-motion animation (or "stop-frame," as Park calls it) creates the illusion of movement through a series of still images.
Expanding its ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) offering, it also brought in new designs such as Flow, a fixture family with a wavy band that gives the illusion of movement and encircles frames.
Here we see some kind of cage with green neon lights like horizontal bars flashing rhythmically on and off to create the illusion of movement.
Presented in a planetariumstyle format, it will engage the audience with an illusion of movement and a feeling of being within the project.
The Great Northern Kinetoscope Show takes its name from a piece of equipment used in early motion pictures which had a peephole window enabling viewers - one at a time - to watch images in a sequence which gave an illusion of movement.
And his brief on this occasion was to give the Gulf #97 Vantage GTE the illusion of movement and speed - even when static.
While her work is clearly static, Bhat creates the illusion of movement.
Inside the cylinders, synchronous motors and transparent polychrome discs activate to create an illusion of movement and mechanical sounds, resembling insects or a light breeze, according to Swatch.
Animation is produced by creating a sequence of images (called frames) showing incremental motion and then playing back those images at a certain speed to give the illusion of movement.
The blocks are super quick and easy to make, and the on-point setting gives the illusion of movement to the pinwheels.
With flowing lines that create an illusion of movement even when the car is standing still, its exterior exaggerates size to give it a feeling of a larger hatchback or a sedan.