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A psychotic state of exaltation in which one has delusions and hallucinations of communion with supernatural or exalted beings.
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I'm not saying that these ideas are on the same level of nuttiness as the Illuminati.
The historical Order of the Illuminati that Washington and Dwight warned of was a secret society founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt, a professor of law at Ingolstadt University.
Knowledge is the first step, and even the most skeptical browser will find Confessions of an Illuminati modus operandi expose enlightening
The tracks available on iTunes include Bitch I'm Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj and Illuminati, which was produced by Kanye West, Living for Love, Devil Pray, Ghostown and Unapologetic Bitch.
There was no doubt; the Illuminati had finally come for skateboarding.
Tuttman's career-wide tenant list includes such TAMI illuminati as McCann-Erickson, The Interpublic Group, Devito/ Verdi, M.
Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper reported that song 'Joyful Noise' had been irreparably tarnished by its association with the witchcraft, paganism, black magic, and Illuminati imagery evoked by the same music in 'Dark Horse'.
Adam Gorightly's blog Historia Discordia is devoted to the Discordians, a gang of antiauthoritarian pranksters who, among other activities, seeded the press of the 1960s and '70s with hoaxarticles blamingthe Illuminati for the world's evils.
Some say this shadowy group is the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood which allegedly aims to form a new world order by inverting the teachings of the Catholic church.
ANGELS & DEMONS (Five, tonight, 9pm) TOM HANKS reprises his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in a race around Italy in an attempt to prevent a number of priests being killed by a member of an ancient society, the Illuminati.
Top 10 'Entertainment Business' Illuminati Conspiracy Theories.
Safeway isn't controlled by the Illuminati (so far as we know).