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He emphasized that the government will look to eradicate their usage for illegitimate activities, nothing about investing in them.
As such, the court's decision today could not possibly legitimise an illegitimate government whose president had publicly accused the court of having carried out a 'coup' by annulling his election and threatened to 'fix' the justices once he was back in power," he charged.
The poll has been denounced by Iraq and its neighbors, who view it as illegitimate, and Baghdad has moved to ban international flights into KRG-held areas and close foreign missions in the Kurdish region.
An illegitimate spouse is not entitled to any part of the property, retirement pay, death benefits, and even the cadaver of his or her still paper-married spouse.
The rebel leader's spokesman challenged the international community, particularly democratic nations in the region and around the world, to not let Kiir get away with "this bad precedence" in the country and should therefore be isolated and declared illegitimate.
When Illegitimate Theatre in London appeared in 2000, it came in the wake of more than a decade of new historicist and feminist challenges to a narrow Romantic canon, and contributed in its way to both of those revisionist critical enterprises.
press photo The Kurdish Globe Spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Presidency (KRP), Omed Sabah, on April 6 released a statement clearing up the the arrest of Haider Shasho, the head of the Shingal Mobilization Force, for attempting to "create an illegitimate militia group.
It may be thought that detailed public knowledge of the advice Pope Paul VI has received on the birth control issue constitutes a source of undue and illegitimate pressure on him.
RAWALPINDI -- The illegitimate constructions in Chaklala regions namely Dhok Chiragh Din, Murreer Hassan and Tipu Road are on a consistent rise.
The leader of GERB, former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, declared that he could not back the priorities of an illegitimate Parliament.
Until now little is known about the exact number of illegitimate child in Malaysia.
It's an illegitimate government, an illegitimate prime minister, an illegitimate cabinet.