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a. Being against established or accepted rules and standards: an illegitimate means of winning a debate.
b. Being against the law; illegal: an illegitimate contract.
c. Not valid or defensible: Their reasons for missing school are illegitimate.
d. Incorrectly deduced; illogical: an illegitimate conclusion.
e. Biology Unacceptable as a scientific name because of not conforming to the international rules of nomenclature.
2. Offensive Born to parents not married to each other.

il′le·git′i·mate·ly adv.
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An older, and now strongly pejorative, descriptive term for a child born to an unmarried woman.
[L. in-, not + legimatus, lawful]
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Aguiling-Pangalanan, however, said that while society's mind has become more open, illegitimate children still suffer some stigma.
Very truly yours, VR Dear VR: I have heard this rumor many times (that a date of marriage on an illegitimate child's birth certificate will mess up the parent's case).
The said provision states that an illegitimate child has no right to inherit from the inheritance of the legitimate relatives of his or her parents.
Illegitimate may sound somehow based on the context it is used.
Though McKesson conducted an investigation, "your firm was unable to demonstrate that you met key obligations under section 582(c)(4).For example, you did not demonstrate that you identified all illegitimate product subject to the notification, such as by searching for product with the same lot number or NDC, or that you quarantined any such product," explains the warning letter.
Chanthartith said the government will continue to seize fake or illegitimate documents belonging to immigrants in a crackdown set to last for the next six months.
Palijo also backed Sadaruddin Shah's stance that the party would never become part of any illegitimate change.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described Venezuela's government under President Nicolas Maduro as illegitimate on Saturday and said the United States would work with like-minded countries in Latin America to restore democracy there.
MULTAN -- Former member of Punjab Assembly and chairperson of New Hope Welfare Organization (NHWO) Seemal Raja declared on Monday she will unveil faces of those politicians and members of the elite, who are in illegitimate relations with women, whom they had divorced.
Islamabad -- President Mamnoon Hussain has stated that eradication of corruption and accountability is like a national agenda and therefore wrong practices, undue and illegitimate exercise of power should be avoided.
Surrender is not an option in the fight against the illegitimate government of Uhuru Kenyatta, lawyer Miguna Miguna has said.
A Johor Muslim couple are not trying to change their child's illegitimate birth status to legitimate by asking the National Registration Department (NRD) to change his name, but merely wanted the 'bin Abdullah' patronym dropped, the couple's lawyer said.