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adj not authorized by law; illicit.
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Congestion charges are not the answer to Cardiff's traffic problems, it is the fining of owners of illegally parked vehicles, and a greater number of dedicated parking wardens.
Similarly, during another operation along the same road enforcement team demolished illegally constructed sheds on CDA land in front of 10 plazas and handed over retrieved land to Environment Wing.
How can a professor, paid by the state of California, state that territory that is now in the United States was illegally taken from their ancestors.
Moreover, Mexico is notoriously unwilling to extradite Mexicans accused of murdering Americans while in this country illegally.
Police Specials issued 250 warning notices to drivers who illegally parked their vehicles last weekend.
Currently under indictment in New York, the founders of BTS allegedly played a role in a gruesome human tissue and bone harvesting scheme that resulted in patients nationwide receiving tissue implants that were illegally acquired and potentially diseased.
The committee will fix responsibility and propose penalty against the CDA officers found involved in cutting 34 trees illegally from diplomatic enclave.
The sweeps targeted foreign nationals in the country illegally with a history of violent crime or drug trafficking, officials said.
Station officer Jeff Scrivens, of South Wales Fire Service, said: ``The parking of vehicles illegally within the city centre is a growing concern.
If only from a political point of view," EWIC co-chairman John Gay told Human Events, "permanence for a big chunk of the people who have been here illegally has to be part of the [Bush] deal.