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adj not authorized by law; illicit.
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He said that a senate committee had deliberated on the issue and last year called for setting up a committee to look into this huge illegality but no action has been taken.
member states to take action to implement the ICJ's decision on the illegality
In addressing the under-theorized relationship between secrecy and illegality with respect to government information control, this Article also examines the insufficiently acknowledged problem of shallow secrets that conceal illegal or potentially illegal government conduct.
Agarwal said other issues with regard to criminality or illegality in awarding various contracts to private parties coming out in recorded conversations of one person with another will be taken by them after completing the first three issues relating to the right to privacy.
Vera Baird said: "Raising awareness of the illegality of FGM across all our communities is a priority of our strategy.
PNC stressed in a statement the importance of implementing the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice in the Hague on the illegality of the separation barrier being built by Israel in the Palestinian territories.
He stressed the illegality of the rally, warning that any participant in it will be held accountable for violating the law and the necessary legal procedures will be taken against him.
It also approved to direct the Ministry of Public Health and Population to reconsider mechanisms of collecting popular support fees for the Republican Hospital and the abolition of the Regulations issued in 1999 for its illegality and putting an alternative law determines fees and beneficiaries and the state's share.
Yesterday afternoon EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes refused to name the companies or countries targeted, insisting there was no specific evidence of illegality against any particular firms.
Obstacles placed in their path were overcome with energy, enthusiasm - and a little illegality.
The unspecified breaches of conduct were "of a non-business nature" and didn't involve illegality, said WellPoint, the No.