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adj not authorized by law; illicit.
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SEC will be notified of the possible illegal act and the failure of the company's board or management to take remedial action.
Ensure that the audit committee, or others with equivalent authority and responsibility, is informed about the illegal act.
If the auditor obtains information indicating the possibility of an illegal act that could impact the financial statements, the auditor should apply procedures to determine if the illegal act has actually occurred.
While a detailed discussion of criminal sanctions is beyond the scope of this article,(32) it is worthwhile to summarize some of the comparable issues that arise when a corporation is held liable for criminal tax fraud based on the illegal acts of an employee, officer, director or shareholder.
The agony of this wounded area should not be exploited for partisan purposes, as it is an illegal act and would lead to political and administrative chaos.
The ensuing discussion focuses on one such scenario: audits in which an auditor knows of a likely illegal act that the client refuses to appropriately remediate and disclose.
Prosecuting barrister Karl Scholz told how he indecently touched one victim and tried to perform an illegal act upon her.
GIVING safer drug kits to addicts to carry out an illegal act is the kind of madness that encourages them to continue their filthy habits.
At the same time ARSC issued an interpretation to explain what steps should be taken to communicate about fraud or illegal acts when, during the performance of a compilation or a review engagement, the accountant suspects that fraud or an illegal act may have occurred.
The case, which has pitted seven movie studios and thousands of music publishers against the high-tech and consumer-electronics industries, will determine whether the entertainment industry can sue not only individuals who download copyrighted music and movies, but also those who distribute the software used in the illegal act.
Finally, the court applied public policy, ruling that to the extent that Scruggs intentionally violated a patent, Scruggs committed an illegal act.
That being the case -- when people do something that is illegal, by definition, it must be a crime, and when that illegal act is a war in which thousands of innocent people have died -- it must therefore be a ``war-crime''.