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adj not authorized by law; illicit.
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54 specifies further inquiry of management and, if the auditor is unable to conclude there has been no illegal act, he or she must consult legal counsel and apply the additional audit procedures necessary to obtain a better understanding.
Thus, by allowing women to work in this area to avoid committing an illegal act, the company may be subject to future liability claims filed on behalf of any injured children born to these women (or men).
The bill imposes a penalty of not more than 12 years and a fine of not more than P1 million on any person who inflicts or undertakes illegal acts against wildlife species listed as critical.
net and companies use this data to combat naked short selling - the illegal act of short selling a stock when no affirmative determination has been made to locate shares of the stock to hypothecate in connection with the short sale.
Residents of the areas have protested against this illegal act, they said that stench is spreading all across the city.
Logic appears to be lost on this person when he blames the rape victim for not reporting the illegal act immediately, but attaches no blame whatsoever to the welding victim.
Building owners or managers cannot afford to unknowingly participate in an illegal act because of this.
When an auditor becomes aware of information concerning a possible illegal act, SAS no.
Investigators speculate the cause of the deadly hotel explosion and fire may be accident, arson or the consequence of some other illegal act, such as manufacturing of methamphetamine.
To do this, the SEC adopted the section 10A rules, which require auditors--if they become aware that an illegal act has occurred--to determine its possible effect on the client's financial statements and to inform the company's management "as soon as practicable.
The investigators will look at whether the shooting was criminal or not and if the officer, by firing shots and killing the victim, committed an illegal act,'' Gibbons said.
If in the course of the audit a CPA becomes aware of information indicating that any illegal act has or may have occurred (regardless of whether the act would have had a material effect on the issuer's financial statements), he or she must determine whether it is likely that an illegal act occurred and, if so, assess the possible effect on the issuer's financial statements.