illegal abortion

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crim·i·nal a·bor·tion

termination of pregnancy in violation of law.
Synonym(s): illegal abortion
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The decrease seems to coincide with the overall declining rate of abortions in Hong Kong, but social services key informants believed that the growing popularity among young women of using private hospitals or illegal abortion services may also explain the decline.
This film explores the consequences of those illegal abortions upon the women who manage to terminate a pregnancy.
Karachi Police officials in Karachi yesterday launched a manhunt to find the culprits behind illegal abortions in the city.
This is not the first time illegal abortion clinics in Bahrain have hit the headlines.
"I believe this ruling frees women from one shackle that had been suffocating them," said Kim Su-jung, a lawyer representing the plaintiff, a doctor who was charged under the law with conducting 69 illegal abortions.
He was released on bail but then rearrested in August when a new charge, which alleged he carried out an illegal abortion, was put to him.
Facility caseloads and indirect estimation techniques were used to calculate the national and regional incidence of legal and illegal abortion. National and regional levels of abortion complications and unintended pregnancy were also estimated.
Further inspections held by the said Directorate showed evidence of illegal abortion by Syrians and Lebanese.
Paramedic teams at Dubai International Airport rushed the Filipina to hospital after she collapsed in pain and bled profusely due to the illegal abortion she attempted shortly before boarding a plane for her country in January.
A HOUSEMAID who carried out an illegal abortion on herself was caught trying to flee the country when she became severely ill at Dubai International Airport.
Illegal abortion is not synonymous with unsafe abortion.
Figures of illegal abortion activity may be hard to quantify, but the abundance of flyers and advertisements indicates the magnitude of activity in South Africa.