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adj. worse (wûrs), worst (wûrst)
1. Not healthy; sick: I began to feel ill last week.
2. Not normal; unsound: an ill condition of body and mind.
(used with a pl. verb) Sick people considered as a group. Often used with the.
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(ĭl) [Old Norse illr, bad]
Sick; not healthy; diseased.
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Q. Is there any way to control the sickness? Hi everybody. I am asking this question from my friend user name. I am 26 and in the first trimester. Whole day sickness hurts me a lot. Smell of any kind of food is horrible. It’s becoming more frustrating; even television commercials make me nauseous. Is there any way to control the sickness?

A. In the first half of pregnancy, sickness and nausea are quite common. For some woman it goes after three months and in very rare cases where woman has the chances of doubles or triplets, nausea and vomiting symptom stays on. Yes, there are ways to control the sickness. Some of them are try to have food in short intervals but make sure not to be hungry. Drink more of fruit juices and water especially lemon. Avoid spicy food and smell that could make you worse. If none of the remedies suggested are going to work out for you, it is better to consult your physician. Hope you get benefited with this.

Q. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments? I have heard that garlic is very good for cardiac health and using in curries or cooked with foods will be helpful. I have also heard that it has anti-inflammatory substances and also helps in weight loss. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments?

A. It acts as antioxidant and reduces the amount of free radicals in your body. It’s helpful once taken raw. But the raw garlic can cause bad breadth and blistering of skin and diarrhea. So, there should be a reduced intake of raw garlic. It’s better to have garlic in a cooked up form like in curries or with vegetables. This will also give the desired benefits of garlic and the side effect of over consumption of garlic will also be reduced.

Q. How is morning sickness treated? I have been suffering from morning sickness all throughout my first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Is there a way to treat morning sickness?

A. Morning sickness during first few weeks of pregnancy is very common. Here is some information about morning sickness and how to deal with it -

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To achieve that then Boro must improve at the back where the central partnership of Gavin Cowan, who was caught napping for Holland's opener, and Neil Moore looked ill-at-ease while full-backs Rob Oddy and Connor Franklin have enjoyed better displays.
Frankie Muniz (Agent Cody Banks / Malcolm in the Middle) looks ill-at-ease and not just because of the unpleasantness that might be in store for him.
Although he denied any policy differences with Mr Howard, Mr Curry had written articles in the past which supported regional government and he had appeared ill-at-ease with his party's hostility to the idea.
The comedy, after all, has a couple of sparky female characters and its hero is an obnoxious man, one Marlow, who is charming to his peers and rude to those he thinks beneath him and, more interestingly, ill-at-ease with ladies of his own class but only too willing to sexually harass the lower orders.
With Tchaikovsky so obviously ill-at-ease with the confrontational heroics of the piano concerto format, we wonder why he had three goes at it.
Most of Linton's folktales take place in an island village setting, but even the inner city becomes murky and ghostly as its new, ill-at-ease resident tries to adjust.
It is particularly striking to read, in the wake of the 2000 election, a book about a third party Presidential candidate who denounced the two lookalike, corporate-dominated parties, who was accused of stealing votes from the Democrats, who was a public intellectual and policy expert advocating protections for ordinary citizens against the predations of global capitalism, who wore rumpled suits, was a workaholic, a visionary, ill-at-ease in snobby Washington society, who galvanized the left, infuriated liberals, and ultimately got 2.4 percent of the vote.
Sparky the schnauser no longer at chase and ill-at-ease in the kennel