iliac tuberosity

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il·i·ac tu·ber·os·i·ty

a rough area above the auricular surface on the medial aspect of the ala of the ilium, giving attachment to the interosseous and posterior sacroiliac ligaments.
Synonym(s): tuberositas iliaca [TA]
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Some authors provide more precise descriptions, such as the medial lip of the iliac crest (Wood Jones 1953), the posterior part of the inner lip of the iliac crest (Romanes 1972; Woodburne and Burkel 1988), the upper and anterior part of the iliac tuberosity (Hanson and Sonesson 1994), the anterior portion of the iliac tuberosity and anterior margin and apex of the iliac crest (Rucco et al., 1996) or to the iliac crest anterior to the sacroiliac joint (Williams et al., 1995).
A description that would allow the therapist to envisage the exact site of attachment is the distinct triangular area located between the iliac fossa, the iliac crest and the iliac tuberosity (Figure 1).