ileocolic intussusception

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il·e·o·co·lic in·tus·sus·cep·tion

intussusception in which the lower portion of the ileum with the valve of the cecum passes into the ascending colon.

ileocolic intussusception

intussusception at the ileocecal junction, with the distal ileum being drawn forward into the colon.

ileocolic intussusception

An abnormal INVAGINATION of the ILEUM through the ILEOCECAL valve into the COLON.


pertaining to the ileum and colon.

ileocolic intussusception
intussusception of the ileum through the ileocecal valve into the colon. May extend through the rectum, appearing as a rectal prolapse.
ileocolic valve
ileocecal valve.