ileoanal reservoir

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pertaining to or connecting the ileum and the anus.
ileoanal reservoir a pouch for the collection of feces, created surgically in a two stage operation. The first stage involves removal of the rectal mucosa, an abdominal colectomy, and construction of a fecal reservoir from loops of ileum; a temporary ileostomy is created at this time to allow the ileoanal reservoir to heal. Several months later the patient returns for closure of the ileostomy so that discharge of feces through the anus is possible.
Creation of an ileoanal reservoir. From Ignatavicius et al., 1995.


1. a storage place or cavity.
2. an alternate or passive host or carrier that harbors pathogenic organisms without injury to itself and serves as a source from which other individuals can be infected.
cardiotomy reservoir in cardiopulmonary bypass, a collection chamber for blood suctioned from the heart chambers and pericardium.
continent ileal reservoir an intra-abdominal pouch having a volume of at least 500 ml and a valve created from a portion of the ileum, pulled through the stoma, and lying flat against the abdominal wall; it maintains continence of feces and is emptied by a catheter when full. See also continent ileostomy and kock pouch.
ileoanal reservoir see ileoanal reservoir.
Ommaya reservoir a device implanted in the brain for instillation of medication or removal of fluid through a catheter in a lateral ventricle. When used for the direct administration of chemotherapy, it enhances the concentration of medication in brain tissue.
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