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Plural of ileum.
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(il'e-um) (il'e-a) plural.ilea [L. ile, ileum, ilium, pl. ilia, area of the abdomen from the lowest rib to the pubes; flank, groin]
The third and last part of the small intestine, which ends at the ileocecal orifice, the opening to the large intestine. The jejunum grades imperceptibly into the ileum, but as a whole the ileum has a narrower diameter (an average of 2.5 cm) than the jejunum. The ileum has many lymphoid nodules (Peyer's patches), but only a few low circular folds (plicae circulares), and the end of the ileum has none at all. The ileum is approx. 4 m (12.5 ft) long. (il-e-al), adjective See: abdominal regions and digestive system for illus

duplex ileum

A congenital doubling of the ileum.
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