iduronate sulfatase

i·dur·o·nate sul·fa·tase

an enzyme required for the desulfation of 2-sulfate iduronate residues in heparan sulfate. It is also required in dermatan sulfate degradation; Hunter syndrome is associated with a deficiency of this enzyme.
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Iduronate sulfatase activity was expressed as nanomoles of substrate hydrolyzed per liter of blood per hour.
The interassay CVs for DBFP samples studied on five different occasions within 1 month were [less than or equal to] 9% for the fluorescent methods and [less than or equal to] 14% for the iduronate sulfatase assay.
[beta]-Galactosidase, [beta]-glucuronidase, and iduronate sulfatase were the most sensitive to the effect of shipment.
van Diggelem (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) for comments on the iduronate sulfatase assay.