idiotypic antibody

id·i·o·typic an·ti·bod·y

an antibody that binds to an idiotope or antigen-combining region of another antibody.Synonym(s): antiidiotype antibody
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id·i·o·typ·ic an·ti·bod·y

(id'ē-ō-tip'ik an'ti-bod-ē)
An antibody that binds to an idiotope of another antibody.
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The finding that the prolactin concentration measured by the VIDAS decreased after treatment with the HBT blocking agent supports the hypothesis that the interfering antibody was an IgM, an idiotypic antibody that binds to a unique idiotype on the VIDAS antibodies.
Fab-Fab, bridging of Fab regions of immunoglobulins as a result of idiotypic antibody binding.
Interference may also result from idiotypic antibody interactions.