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Relating to or marked by an idiosyncrasy.
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Relating to or marked by an idiosyncrasy.
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(id?e-o-sin'kra-se) [? + syn, together, + krasis, mixture]
1. Special characteristics by which persons differ from each other.
2. That which makes one react differently from others; a peculiar or individual reaction to an idea, action, drug, food, or some other substance through unusual susceptibility. idiosyncratic (-sin-krat'ik), adjective

drug idiosyncrasy

An unusual response to a drug. It can manifest as an accelerated, toxic, or inappropriate response to the usual therapeutic dose of a drug.
Synonym: idiosyncrasy of effect

idiosyncrasy of effect

Drug idiosyncrasy.
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The study proposed that there might be a pronounced amount of unsystematic or idiosyncratic risk in the portfolio of an investor.
The underlying relation between liquidity and returns as well as the confounding relation between idiosyncratic variance and both liquidity and returns are both suggested by existing economic theories and empirical findings.
their idiosyncratic vision, investors seek protection from agency costs.
In summary, we find that, on average, advertising is significantly associated with lower [beta]-risk and idiosyncratic risk; R&D is significantly associated with higher [beta]-risk but has no significant influence on a firm's idiosyncratic risk.
Krebs (2003) computes the welfare cost of business cycles in a model with countercyclical idiosyncratic risk and capital formation.
Today, stock logos and page templates standardize large portions of an institution's website, strengthening the brand and vanquishing idiosyncratic pages.
It is to be regretted that some disarray in liturgical practices has encouraged idiosyncratic responses.
The story, which takes place largely in a segregated Texas backwater town, is told from the various perspectives and voices of a cast of idiosyncratic characters in alternating chapters, resonant with themes of legend, fortune and legacy.
This in turn reduces the amount of uniquely private (or idiosyncratic) information in the market (see Verrecchia 1982; Diamond 1985; Kim 1993).
We follow Kate as she hangs out with her idiosyncratic alterna-friends; talking, laughing, gossiping and mostly pontificating on the future of her and her boyfriend, Ollie (Mike LeBlanc).
It was largely an elite and idiosyncratic activity.