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Relating to or marked by an idiosyncrasy.


Etymology: Gk, idios, own, synkrasis, mixing together
pertaining to personal peculiarities or mannerisms.


Relating to or marked by an idiosyncrasy.


(id?e-o-sin'kra-se) [? + syn, together, + krasis, mixture]
1. Special characteristics by which persons differ from each other.
2. That which makes one react differently from others; a peculiar or individual reaction to an idea, action, drug, food, or some other substance through unusual susceptibility. idiosyncratic (-sin-krat'ik), adjective

drug idiosyncrasy

An unusual response to a drug. It can manifest as an accelerated, toxic, or inappropriate response to the usual therapeutic dose of a drug.
Synonym: idiosyncrasy of effect

idiosyncrasy of effect

Drug idiosyncrasy.
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Based on the foregoing discussion, we hypothesize that the negative relationship between idiosyncratic volatility and subsequent stock returns is concentrated in stocks with unrealized capital losses.
Artful Home CEO Lisa Bayne commented, "We are delighted to welcome the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas' approach to 'dressing with verve' and to introduce their style to our customers.
In summary, we find that, on average, advertising is significantly associated with lower [beta]-risk and idiosyncratic risk; R&D is significantly associated with higher [beta]-risk but has no significant influence on a firm's idiosyncratic risk.
It is to be regretted that some disarray in liturgical practices has encouraged idiosyncratic responses.
One can design a new ad hoc idiosyncratic interdisciplinary specialty, with a specially delimited subject matter and specially formulated conceptual and theoretical basis, research questions to be pursued, techniques and methods to be employed, type and style of result to be aimed at.
Some idiosyncratic investments (such a linking brand name and distributor name) may even hinder the transition to a replacement distributor.
This rating captures the idiosyncratic default risk, or underlying credit risk of a company, which is closely linked to its capital structure and business position.
We find that idiosyncratic volatility forecasts using information available to traders at the time of the forecast are not related to expected returns.
Hypothesis (3a): Founder management style (Founder-CEO status) is negatively associated with idiosyncratic volatility.
While taking on the myriad of responsibilities of all CDO managers, CREL CDO managers have the added task of demonstrating highly specialized CREL experience, skills and market knowledge, which is especially important in a market as idiosyncratic as real estate' said Matsui.
Another prejudice I harbor, despite the evidence, is that credible newspapers do not encourage the promotion of highly speculative and idiosyncratic notions on their front pages.
This essay on suicide in Japan, originally published in French, is a highly idiosyncratic personal meditation, not a disciplined work of social history.