idiopathic infantilism

id·i·o·path·ic in·fan·ti·lism

dwarfism generally associated with hypogonadism; may be caused by deficient secretion of anterior pituitary hormones.
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Paul, French physician, 1827-1875.
Lorain disease - dwarfism generally associated with hypogonadism. Synonym(s): idiopathic infantilism
Lorain-Lévi dwarfism - a rare form of dwarfism caused by the absence of a functional anterior pituitary gland. Synonym(s): Lorain-Lévi infantilism; Lorain-Lévi syndrome; pituitary dwarfism
Lorain-Lévi infantilism - Synonym(s): Lorain-Lévi dwarfism
Lorain-Lévi syndrome - Synonym(s): Lorain-Lévi dwarfism
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