idiographic approach

id·i·o·graph·ic ap·proach

the comprehensive study of a person as a basis for understanding human behavior in general.
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The answer to these challenges may be found with an idiographic approach that uses individualized tools to involve clients in the process of tailoring assessments to their own unique realities.
The current study was designed to explore an idiographic approach to stimulus selection, a more accessible set of faking instructions, and the reliability psychometrics of the IRAP.
The on-going tensions go deep in our understanding with a specific individual (idiographic approach) or more broadly with groups of persons with common characteristics (nomothetic approach).
Resources, personal strivings, and subjective well-being: A nomothetic and idiographic approach. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 68, 926-935.
These unique characteristics of a human being can be something important, however if they were not, there would only be left as defects of the idiographic approach (18).
Resources, personal strivings, and subjective well-being: a homothetic and idiographic approach. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 68, 926-935.
The first, more intimate conversation focusing on the Volga-Ural region in particular builds on the practice of local studies or kraevedenie--an idiographic approach to the investigation of a particular region.
(6) Therefore, it currently seems advisable for therapists to continue to take an idiographic approach to the assessment of a client's social community when determining his or her therapy targets.
For example, much of the early behavior analytic lit-erature base on direct observation procedures focused on a strictly idiographic approach which rejected or ignored psychometric development of direct observation procedures (Silva, 1993).
This is an idiographic approach because it focuses on the individual and considers the overall pattern of interests within the person.