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In the present study, the test scores included in the analysis were: MEC; Trail Making A; Trail Making B; Rey Complex Figure, Time; Phonemic Fluency; Semantic Fluency; Ideomotor Praxis; Constructive Praxis; Alternating Graphs and Loops; Quality Time; TAVEC: immediate free recall [lists A and B], short-delay free recall; short delay cued recall; long delay free recall; long delay cued recall; and recognition.
used diffusion tensor imaging, an fMRI technique, to compare white matter alterations between patients with DLB and PDD who completed tasks in visual recognition, semantic fluency, and ideomotor praxis.
In the neuropsychological evaluation, severe cognitive deficits were found: apperceptive visual agnosia, spatial agnosia, constructional apraxia, ideomotor apraxia and a significant alteration in coding and recovery of verbal episodic memory.
"A lot of people who don't know about them think it's the spirit moving the glass or whatever, whereas, as a matter of fact in my opinion and the opinion of many others, it is what is called the ideomotor response.
(d) Brazilian Brief Neuropsychological Assessment Battery NEUPSILIN (Fonseca, Salles, & Parente, 2009): it is a brief battery of neuropsychological assessment composed of 32 tasks which examines components of eight neuropsychological functions--time and spatial orientation, sustained auditory attention, visual perception, memory (working, episodic, semantic, visual recognition and prospective), arithmetic abilities, language skills (oral and written in word and sentence levels), motor abilities (ideomotor, constructional and reflexive) and executive functions (consisting of two subcomponents: solving simple problems and verbal phonemic-spelling fluency).
Another procedure, dowsing--the supposed evocation of unconscious responses by use of ideomotor responses magnified by a physical device, such as forked twigs or a pendulum--has long been espoused as a technique for helping individuals to utilize untrained psi abilities (e.g., Eastwood, 1993).
Ideomotor signals for rapid hypnoanalysis: a 'how-to' manual.
But he refused to accept the premise of cultural consumption as what psychologists call an "ideomotor," as an unstoppable force compelling media consumers to reenact the actions they witness in novels, movies, or comic books.
Consciousness is possessed, subjugated, and chained; it is forced to follow "a-temporal ideomotor paths" (35).